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  • Keep Hydrated Through the Summer Months and Beyond

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    Keep Hydrated Through the Summer Months and Beyond

    This year we’ve witnessed the best and worst of British weather, sometimes within a day of each other! There have been scorching hot days of 30 degrees or more, followed by lots of rain, then back to gloriously sunny weather again. This extreme range of temperatures is a good reminder of the importance of keeping yourself hydrated all year round. Good hydration is a fundamental part of health and wellbeing. It is typically suggested you consume around seven or eight glasses of water a day, but that will depend on what you do each day, whether it be office work or exercise. During the summer, water intake is obviously important, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off from drinking water when it gets a bit cooler. After all, dehydration can come into play at any time in the year. “But,” you might ask, “surely dehydration’s only a problem when the weather’s at its hottest?” Well actually, it is a lot more common than you’d expect and can cause a lot of issues ranging from tension headaches and fatigue to dry skin and poor digestion. As such, you really should look into providing your workforce with an adequate supply of water. A water cooler can provide your staff with all liquid refreshment they need to keep well hydrated throughout the day. Water coolers have a social effect as well, providing staff with an area to get away from their desks and chat about the latest goings on, whether that’s TV and sport-related gossip, or work-related issues.

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