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  • Keep hydrated when it's cold

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    Keep hydrated when it's cold

    It's easy to remember to drink water when the weather is hot; people are always conscious of being thirsty and feeling warm and there are plenty of ice creams, cold drinks and ice lollies around. In winter, however, it is an entirely different matter. People are usually being buffeted by cold winds, ice, rain and generally foul weather the minute they leave the house, causing many to feel cold and run-down. Throw in a tendency to drink more alcohol in the winter months, during the festive season in particular, and it's all too easy to forget to stay hydrated. Another problem is that when people are tired and chilly they often mistakenly think that they are hungry, rather than correctly identifying the need to drink liquid and rehydrate. So all too often people will reach for the biscuit tin or treat themselves to some of the delicious festive products littering the workplace in the run-up to the festive season, consuming an unwanted influx of calories, fat and sugar only to find out afterwards that they are still thirsty. Water is in fact a perfect way to regulate both temperature and appetite, so it is vital to stay hydrated when it's cold. If your employer doesn't have hot water dispensers in the office kitchens, request that some be added and promote the benefits of a healthy workforce (employees should not keep trudging off to the nearest coffee shop or mobile drinks van!). Water coolers also provide essential drinks between visits and meetings and for generally keeping you topped up as you go in and out of the office. By drinking more water each day you should rapidly feel the benefits in terms of greater energy, clearer skin, fewer tension headaches and better sleep even (your mood should also improve). Another reported benefit is fewer colds, so you can look forward to real well-being this winter if you keep topped up and avoid the dreaded dehydration! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.