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  • Keep Yourself Well Watered On A Work Night Out

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    Keep Yourself Well Watered On A Work Night Out

    At work there will always be the occasional reason to celebrate and hit the town, a promotion, a birthday, a work anniversary, people will always look to celebrate a big bit of news. Although it might not be the first thing on your mind on one of these nights out, staying hydrated is essential for keeping yourself well at any party. Picture the scene, it’s the work tenth anniversary party and some classic cheesy tunes had you dancing like David Brent. So you’ve made a fool out of yourself, but you’re cool with that – now instead of going from silly dancing, to silly drinking, look to get a cup of water instead. Think about it, all that raving around like a nutter will have got you thirsty, and while a beer might feel like a thirst quencher at a summer barbeque, in a hot stuffy room after dancing this is definitely not true. In fact, it is a recipe for a thumping headache akin to the speaker pumping out beats at the night in question – wanted on the night, but most definitely not on the morning after! It is recommended that instead of going and constantly topping your glass up with your favourite alcoholic beverage, you instead opt for the occasional glass of water between your tipples. If you opt for occasional low or no-alcohol drinks, you will also be doing your body a big favour, rather than drinking the alcohol laced cocktails that will soon get the room spinning. If you have a feeling the party is likely to be a heavy one, you can prepare yourself more by drinking water in the build up to the big event itself. A work party is supposed to be about fun and enjoyment, but don’t forget to look after yourself at the same time. Take it as an extra reward to yourself to make sure you don’t wake up with a hangover the following morning!

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