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  • Keeping Cool at Work this Summer

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    Keeping Cool at Work this Summer

    Last month’s hot temperatures and prolonged periods of sunshine caused many an office to swelter. It's a lovely start to the summer: but also means many people were feeling a little hotter under the collar than normal. The rain’s arrived now – giving everyone a chance to cool off. But how do you ensure staff keep cool at work if the temperatures start to soar again? Water plays a very important role in staying cool, so keeping hydrated is key to maintaining your core temperature. If you have water coolers at work, now is the time to commit to the recommended daily minimum of around litres. Fill up a jug in the morning and add ice to keep cool. Sip on it during the day rather than overdosing on large amounts during break times, which will just overwhelm your system and could even make you ill. You will soon notice that you feel more alert, less tired, less ill and generally much healthier. Don't worry if hot drinks are more your thing, as they still count towards your minimum water intake. Grab one of our eco boilers for a fast-boiled, filtered and great tasting cuppa – and in the heat, why not treat yourself to some herbal teas? There are plenty of great herbal teas to choose from that taste great and offer a range of additional health benefits. Experiment with white tea, oolong tea, peppermint tea or a themed blend. There are also a number of fruity teas, which have sweeter flavours, but fewer (or none at all) calories! All of these are available from supermarkets and many now sell taste packs with different flavours in for you to experiment with. You'll rapidly find that you no longer miss your caffeine fix. Instead, you will actively look forward to an interesting and reviving herbal combination for your morning or afternoon hot drink.

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