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  • Keeping Fresh and Hydrated On Flights

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    Keeping Fresh and Hydrated On Flights

    We’ve all been there. Sitting halfway through a flight, and you start to get what can only be described as a dry, or furry mouth, much like when you wake up in the morning. The reason for this is simple enough – the humidity of the air in the cabin is very low. This means you may start to feel your nose and mouth getting quite dry, not to mention chapped lips and dry papery skin. Combating this dehydration is simple enough, though. All you have to do is make sure you drink plenty of fluids before jetting off, and maintain this level of fluid intake during the flight itself. Pick a balance between what you can drink, and what you can maintain – you don’t want any accidents whilst waiting for the seatbelt light to turn off! A trade secret when it comes to long haul flights is to drink coconut water before and after the flight, it gives you that extra level of hydration to complement the regular water. Other secrets to keeping you hydrated include the use of non-medicated eye drops for your eyes, and a non-medicated nasal spray for your nasal passages. This combination will help keep your nose and eyes from drying out. Unfortunately, as much as we might want to gulp them down to make the flight more manageable, or just to try and perk us up, alcohol and coffee are not a substitute for good old H 2O if you want to stay fresh and hydrated. These tips can apply to long drives as well. If you’re in a car for a business trip you want to make sure you’re fresh for that meeting – of course you might have to forego things such as eye drops and nasal sprays while driving, but chances are the car journey will never be quite as long and dry as a flight!