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  • Keeping Hydrated as You Exercise

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    Keeping Hydrated as You Exercise

    If you are exercising in the colder weather, you may be tempted to think that drinking water is less important than it is during the hotter months. This is, however, completely untrue! During exercise of any kind you will sweat, even in the coldest temperatures. Anyone who has been skiing or snowboarding will know how physical activity can induce sweating even in incredibly cold temperatures. So, keeping hydrated is essential as you work out. Before going for a run or long walk, fill up a travel bottle from the water coolers in your gym or at work. Simple filtered water from the bottled water dispenser is all you need, unless you are training at high intensities for very long periods of time, in which case it can be good to add a pinch of salt and some fruit sugars in the form of a little fruit juice. For most people, plain water is all that is needed. Avoid buying expensive sports drinks, which simply provide sugar and chemicals; if you are exercising to lose weight, you don't want to be taking in calories from sugar as you work out! Remember too that you will need to drink water when you're swimming; again, you burn energy and expel heat and water as you work out in the pool, so keep a bottle close to the edge, or take a drink for when you are out of the water. You can even weigh yourself before exercise and immediately after to work out how much water you need to drink (the amount will be a percentage of the difference in millilitres). If you hop in the sauna after your workout, remember to drink a little extra. Saunas are very good for you and encourage beneficial sweating, but they do leave you dehydrated if you don't top up again afterwards!

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