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  • Keeping hydrated with water coolers

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    Keeping hydrated with water coolers

    Keeping your staff hydrated throughout their working day can mean the difference between tired, unmotivated staff and enthusiastic, creative employees with increased levels of concentration. Dehydration can be the cause of a whole array of underlying illnesses. According to the NHS, water makes up a third of a healthy human body. Water lubricates the joints and eyes; it also helps with digestion as well as flushing out toxins. Water helps to keep the body looking healthy inside and out water is also responsible for healthy looking skin. We lose water throughout the day, sweating is one of the main ways that we lose water from the body. It is important that we maintain our hydration levels throughout the day in order to keep ourselves healthy. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, headaches, a lightheaded feeling, tiredness, a dry mouth and lips and eyes. Dark concentrated urine and passing small amounts of urine frequently are also signs of low hydration levels. Many employees are guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day, reasons for this can be not bringing enough to drink to work, not having enough time during a break to buy a drink or there being a lack of drinking facilities in the work place. Many employers can often leave responsibility for staff hydration to the staff themselves. However, supplying your employees with fresh drinking water from a water dispenser can improve the quality of work dramatically. A fresh water drinking supply will benefit both the employer and the employees. It is important to make sure that you strive to provide the best working environment by catering for your employees needs. A supply of fresh drinking water is a basic need; don’t leave your staff with tap water as their drinking supply. Tap water is can often be filled with chemicals which mean we can’t always ensure that it is safe to drink. Water coolers do not drain your budget or take up too much space; companies now develop water coolers to suit a variety of office spaces and needs. Ask your chosen supplier for a trial of the water cooler first to see how it fits in to your office environment. See how often your employees use it and how effective it is in the work place. It not only benefits your employees but also gives a great impression to your customers. Offering a welcoming reception area with fresh drinking water facilities will make a positive impact on your visitors from the start. Water coolers are now available on a range of packages; these vary from set price, pay monthly packages to pay as you go, bottled or mains fed point of use package solutions. Pay as you go packages are suitable for those who have specific needs and requirements. Your office space and staff numbers will affect your package needs; make sure to be specific about your requirements so that you have enough water to supply all of your staff members.