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  • Keeping the Capital Hydrated

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    Keeping the Capital Hydrated

    How Angel Springs are bringing chilled, filtered water to the City of London

    Just over 15,000 business across all sectors, employing nearly half a million people, 147,000 of whom work in the financial sector within the city of London itself, the capital is a heady mix of people and culture.

    Fast, quirky and vibrant, living and working in the capital is a dream come true for many people. It is a transient city too, with an estimated 1.3 million people moving and out of the capital. Londoners are also expected to live longer than others living in the UK, only for a few months, but many say that this comes down to the life that they live in the city.

    It hasn’t always been this way. In centuries past, it was a thronging yet claustrophobic place but there is a spirit that has not changed.

    A world leader

    As a capital city, there needs to be more than the average on offer here. All of those 15,000+ businesses need the right people working within them. As employers, you need to make sure that you ‘look after’ these people too. Health and wellbeing are important, and with work in offices, business complexes and the hospitality industry in London being so fast-paced, it pays to make sure that your staff have access to the very thing that can give them the energy they need.

    You may think this means that they have access to snacks and sugar-laden drinks. But these not only detract from the solution but add to the problem. Sugar gives only a temporary lift compared to the sugar-drop on the other side.

    Water, however, is the perfect solution for any business based in London. And here’s why:

    • Staff who are hydrated tend to be more focused because the brain is fully hydrated and ready for work. Over 60% water, the brain uses water all the time and thus, needs to be continually This is why anyone showing the early signs of dehydration tend to show confusion.
    • It is the healthy option and a way for any business to encourage staff to be healthier without preaching or being overly persuasive.
    • People who are hydrated sleep better, move better and just feel better.

    The cost of water

    Water, to a certain degree, is a precious resource, and we need to conserve it and use it wisely too. We are fortunate that beneath the streets of London, there is a network of pipes that provide businesses and offices with clean, drinking water.

    But this cosmopolitan city struggles to cope, on occasion and like every other city, town and village across the UK, to make this water safe to consume it will contain chemicals. They clean the water, ridding it of nasty bugs that make us ill.

    But they can flavour the water and give it a smell too. Pure water, neutral in its pH balance – not acidic and not alkaline – should smell and taste of nothing.

    This is why, people say, they ‘don’t like water’. And so, investing in a monthly package to have clean, filtered and chilled drinking water supplied in a business, office complex, hotel and so on is a wise one.

    The chilled, filtered water options

    In effect, there are two choices:

    • Plumbed in – this is where the water filter is effectively a permanent fixture. These would be in some of the 500 or so businesses that employ from 100 people or more (in some cases, more than 300 employees in single building!)
    • Portable water filters – these are, as the name suggests, great for any office complex that may need to move their water filters around, e.g. into the boardroom for a daylong meeting and so on. Bottled fed, these filters also come supplied with recyclable cups.

    Contact Angel Springs for more info on providing your London business

    If you think your employees deserve the best, then an important move is to make sure that they are hydrated – and stay hydrated.

    Water out of the tap is not always liked by everyone, but chilled, no-taste water from either bottled fed water machine or a plumbed in version is welcome to drink.

    Don’t forget too, that in the city with the residual heat of the buildings during the day it can also be one or two degrees hotter than other cities and towns in the UK. This means that your city of London employees’ access to fresh drinking water is even more important.

    The great news is that it won’t break the bank either…

    See our London Depot page for more info or call 0333 600 1845