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  • Keeping on Top of Your Water Intake During Winter

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    Keeping on Top of Your Water Intake During Winter

    When you go to open the curtains to let the light in, and you realise that they’re already open – that’s when you know winter is truly upon us. Dark, gloomy, cold and rainy days are often the norm in Britain once summer bids it final farewell. At work we naturally opt for big cups of tea or coffee to get us through the day, but we shouldn’t ignore the importance of drinking water too – even in winter. True, drinking a chilled glass of water might not have the same endearing appeal as that steaming hot cup of coffee – but it can help you get through those winter days. Our bodies are mostly composed of water – 70% to be precise – so it stands to reason water is likely to be important! It can help to prevent tension headaches and poor digestion amongst other things – not bad for something that you can top up at your leisure from your work’s office water cooler! Now, while tea and coffee obviously have water in too, they’re not such a great provider of H2O as the clear stuff itself – as much as we might want to convince ourselves otherwise. Having said that, drinks like herbal tea or green tea are a good way to keep your water intake up. What are your other alternatives, then? Well, if you really are adverse to drinking cool water on a chilly day, consider ‘eating’ your water intake. There are lots of fruits out there with high levels of water content. A salad for lunch is another option – it’s not only a healthy option, but high in water content too. Once winter truly sets in you can even look at hot soups, broths and stocks to help you keep your water intake up. Winter doesn’t mean the end of keeping on top of your water intake, you just have to be a little more creative in your approach to staying hydrated!