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  • Keeping the UK Hydrated – Waterlogic Has it Covered!

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    Keeping the UK Hydrated – Waterlogic Has it Covered!

    Adults should be drinking between 2 litres and 2.5 litres of water a day. Even when we take into account fluid from the food we eat, many of us are failing to stay adequately hydrated. There are many reasons why people don’t drink enough water. One is that on a daily basis, we are so busy with work, family, social events and the like, that we simply don’t get a chance to stay as hydrated as we should. There are many choices too, from juices to carbonated drinks. But these drinks don’t have the same power as water to keep the body hydrated because they contain chemicals, additives and sugars.

    Solving the Problem

    Solving the problem is a many-pronged attack. People need to be educated about why staying hydrated is important, for example, but we also need plenty of opportunities to drink water – and this is where the nationwide coverage of Waterlogic is making a difference.

    Who are Waterlogic?

    Waterlogic is the new name for Angel Springs, a company you may have heard of. As Angel Springs, we supplied great tasting water to customers across the UK.

    And we are continuing to do so with our new branding. We will continue to specialise in supplying workplaces with hydration solutions that best meet their needs.

    And we will continue to deliver excellent customer service, but even better, we will continue to deliver from our depots across the UK to supply customers with water that has not travelled miles and miles.

    Waterlogic Reach


    In England, we have 11 depots that cover the length and breadth of the country. From our Newcastle depot covering the north of England to the Hampshire depot in the south, we have a depot that is conveniently located to supply your business with water for one or more of your bottle-fed water coolers.

    As well as supplying water, we have a team of engineers who cover England for installing plumbed-in versions of water dispensers too. And we have so many customers from across all sectors and industries, you can understand why our service is one of the most responsive you will come across.


    The country of Wales has a rugged landscape and stunning scenery, and it also has a thriving economy with big and small businesses employing a huge number of people.

    As successful businesses, they too understand the need to support and encourage their workforce to remain healthy – supplying clean, filtered drinking water is just one proactive measure they can take.

    And we have many Welsh business customers who do just that. With a depot in North Wales and another in Cardiff, we are able to keep customers across Wales supplied with great water for their water coolers.


    In Scotland, we have three depots that allow us to serve the major conurbations of the country.

    Based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, we offer a responsive service to our Scottish customers too. The locations of our depots are chosen to allow us quick and easy access to transport links, minimising the amount of time the water spends travelling from its source, as well as minimising the number of miles it travels too.

    Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

    Water can be in short supply at certain times of the year, and with the effects of climate change being felt, we understand the need to source water from sustainable and managed sources.

    Being environmentally friendly is, for Waterlogic, not just a case of ticking a box but ensuring that every part of the business does not damage the environment, globally, nationally or locally.

    We understand that customers have concerns about ‘buying water in bottles’ but we know you will be impressed with the high standards we set ourselves. From how we recycle plastic water bottles (and not just once!), to where we source our water and how we maintain such a large transport and delivery network to minimise ‘travelling miles’ of all our products.

    More Information

    For more information on all aspects of our business, call our expert team on 0333 600 1845 or contact your nearest depot.

    Ready to trial a water cooler at your workplace? Text TRIAL to 60777 and we’ll do the rest!