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  • How much is your kettle really costing you?

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    How much is your kettle really costing you?

    “Is it time to ditch the kettle?” is not a question you may have asked yourself or, your staff team – in fact, to suggest to the team that the kettle has to go, could be the stuff of turmoil and great tension. However, let us be a little mercenary for a moment… an employee decides they want a cup of tea. They make their way to the kitchen, cup in hand and flick the kettle switch. They may carry on an do a few small ‘jobs’ in the time it takes the kettle to boil or, they may take this few minutes – shall we say 5 minutes? – to think through ideas and thoughts on their current project (or plan their next holiday… it really doesn’t matter what they are thinking, to be honest!). So, 5 minutes per employee; shall we say 3 cups of hot beverage within a working day? That is 15 minutes per employee, over 5 days a week, which equates to 75 minutes or 1 hour, 15 minutes waiting for the kettle to boil, per employee. BUT, before you cry foul and suggest that cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate are with banned, cut down to 2 a day, or your chain your staff to their seat/chairs/counters etc., there is another option… a mains fed hot water boiler!

    As important as…

    … the networked computer system being up and running, the provision of a kettle is important to staff morale and well-being, as working in an environment that is clean, light, airy and warm.

    However, focusing just on the negative impacts of the kettle boiling ritual on your business is actually missing the bigger picture.

    Consuming energy

    Information and marketing from various energy saving agencies and consumer organisations point out that boiling the kettle actually costs you more in terms of money than possibly any other electrical appliance within the home.

    And that is at home; imagine the cost of the kettle being flicked on and off throughout the day at your work premises? Energy is expensive and, it will show no signs of decreasing in cost within the next few years either; the opposite is likely to be true, with the cost per kilowatt increasing year-on-year.

    Energy saving is about using energy wiser and, in many cases, companies are beginning to take this more seriously, by looking at how they consumer energy as well as looking at alternative sources of power. Just because a company is generating its own power with solar panels, doesn’t mean it can ‘waste’ this valuable power on the kettle!

    Saving energy

    And so, setting aside the ‘5 minutes wasted at the kettle’ argument (no one believes it anyway!), the over-riding benefit of a hot water boiler is this – is consumes far less energy and produces boiling water with each twist of the tap, instantly; no hanging around, no sucking monster amounts of expensive energy to boil a kettle for a lonesome cup of tea.


    However, there are times when the kettle can form a welcome calming influence in times of stress, anxiety and general crisis.

    But, the hot water boiler can perform this function just as well. Some would even go on to suggest that a water boiler can help in the productivity of a workforce… think of this scenario:

    Staff have struggled in through cold, ice and snow on the ground to get in to work where, waiting for them is a hot drink, instantly poured and served from the boiler. Fresh water, freshly boiled and instant.

    So, the ease and convenience of a water boiler goes without saying and yet, there are so many office spaces out there, factories and production units that rely on a domestic kettle to boil litre upon litre of boiling water, one after another.

    In a fast-paced environment, this can be a problem. Some people might sacrifice a hot drink during the day as it takes just too long to whip the kettle in to shape; just imagine the ease of walking up to boil, flicking that tap and filling your cup with boiling water. You could be back at your desk within seconds, never missing the opening the Japanese stock exchange or the important phone call, or the email or…

    You get the picture. Water boilers are useful, convenient and coveted within the workplace. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and are certainly far cheaper to operate that the ‘ordinary’ kettle. Better still, they can be bought to ‘match the size’ of your organisation, from the small workforces to making drinks on an ‘industrial’, catering scale!

    Take another look… and we know that once you have one, you will wonder why you never bought one sooner!