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  • How to Look After Your Staff at Work

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    How to Look After Your Staff at Work

    Staff well-being is a hot topic and something that all employers must think about. The benefits of looking after your staff are numerous, ranging from better attendance and attrition to improved performance, better motivation and higher levels of productivity. It needn't be an expensive activity, either. Here are some of our top tips.

    Staff health

    A healthy workforce tends to have fewer cases of sickness-related absences and it should also be more motivated, energised and productive. You can increase energy levels by installing good-quality lighting and maximising the amount of natural light that circulates the workspace, ensuring that nobody is being blinded by direct sunlight! Also install plenty of mains-fed water coolers around the office so that staff can keep themselves hydrated by filling up their cups every now and then. Why not encourage healthy initiatives such as walking groups at lunch, fruit boxes and other such schemes? Why not introduce inter-team health competitions to see how many steps members of staff can collectively log on pedometers at lunch, with healthy prizes for the winners? You could even set a room aside at lunch for a yoga teacher to come in and lead a class. Why not set up an employee well-being forum to allow staff to engage in a 'healthy office' initiative and come up with ideas for improving their working surroundings? The possibilities are almost endless.

    Office design

    Install hot water boilers and mains-fed water coolers in the staff breakout areas and kitchens, and provide plenty of mugs, cups and packets of herbal tea. Paint the office in bright, inspiring shades, such as green, yellow, cream and blue. Remove clutter and implement a clean desk policy. Also try adding office plants around the space to increase oxygen, improve motivation and remove pollution in the air. Plants have a wonderfully calming effect on the working environment and have been proven to support the overall working atmosphere in a positive way.