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  • Looking for New Healthy Drink Ideas?

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    Looking for New Healthy Drink Ideas?

    Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water. However, the human body consists of 70% water and this vital ingredient lies at the heart of every chemical reaction within the body. Incredibly, many of the everyday ailments that we experience, including tension headaches, sore joints, poor digestion and skin complaints, can be greatly eased by increasing water intake. Health experts recommend around eight glasses a day and more if we are physically active. But if drinking eight glasses of cold, plain water from the office water coolers feel a little much, what are the alternatives? Well, there are plenty of options to choose from that support health and avoid sugar and caffeine. These two ingredients are essential to avoid if you want to maintain good health. Cooler water will offer minimal health benefits if infused with sugary syrups, chemicals and additives. Unfortunately this is exactly what most commercial drinks, including sports and energy drinks, are filled with. Hot drinks filled with caffeine can overstress the body, and tend to contain fatty and sugary additives such as flavoured syrups, cream and sprinkles. For those who like hot drinks, herbal teas are a great choice and provide good health benefits. Try peppermint or spearmint for digestion, ginger, cinnamon or Chai blends for warming, chamomile for soothing, green tea for increased metabolism, stronger teeth and antioxidant powers and nettle for iron. There are also chicory based drinks that provide a great alternative to coffee, but without the damaging caffeine effects. Most herbal and fruit teas are also calorie free. For cold drinks, experiment with low or no sugar cordials, fruit juice tops or even just plain water with ice and lemon. A sprig of mint and an attractive glass can also transform a basic glass of water into something more exotic.