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  • Looking to Rejuvenate the Office in 2015? Try Water Coolers!

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    Looking to Rejuvenate the Office in 2015? Try Water Coolers!

    If you’re looking to rejuvenate your office in 2015, there are plenty of things you can do – especially if you’re talking of literally rejuvenating your employees rather than giving your office a physical facelift. If so, why not look into installing a water cooler and bringing in a number of water-based goodies? January and the winter months in general can be pretty hard on your staff. The cold weather can leave their skin dry, lead to colds and bugs floating round the office, and generally put a dampener on coming to work. However a water cooler, or more accurately, the crisp filtered H 2O they produce, can combat a lot of these issues. Water naturally hydrates the skin for example, so this will keep your workforce’s skin glowing. Similarly, water can also help fight off bugs and germs, helping the body circulate a lot of necessary good stuff to your organs. To continue the theme of rejuvenation in the new year, why not also look at ordering in fruit deliveries? Whilst some might say they want biscuits or other sweet treats to energise themselves, a delivery of fruit each week is a great way to provide your staff with a much healthier way to snack. What’s more, because fruit is water-rich, they’ll essentially be eating their way to their recommended allowance of water each day. To top off the rejuvenation in the work kitchen or refreshment area, why not also look at a hot water boiler for the warm drinks your staff will be looking to keep them going in the harsh winter months? Whilst you can provide coffees and teas, you should put a particular emphasis on healthy options such as green tea or other herbal teas. Perhaps have a few lemons delivered with the fruit, and have a lemon and pot of honey handy – another old-school cure for colds and sore throats. Read more information about our office water coolers