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  • Lose the Kettle Culture at Work

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    Lose the Kettle Culture at Work

    What do we mean by kettle culture? Well, it’s the tendency to hang around waiting for the kettle to boil at work. The UK runs on tea and coffee, so it’s important to provide hot drink making facilities wherever possible. But when you add up the time it takes for all your employees to make their drinks with a kettle throughout the day, it equals a whole lot of lost productivity. That’s not even factoring in things like kitchen catch-ups, and the time taken to organise drinks runs. The problem here isn’t your employees. Everyone needs to catch a bit of downtime throughout the day. Instead, the blame could well lie with your kettle. Kettles are inefficient things. They take a long time to boil, and because they boil a batch of water at once, you tend to get a bunch of employees standing around with little better to do than wait for the thing to finish. Or, even worse, waiting for a batch of water to boil and then boiling another litre or two! This doesn’t just mean your employees are out of action whilst they’re waiting. It also means you could be paying for heaps of electricity too. This is obviously bad for your budget. But it’s bad for the environment too – which isn’t good news in these times, when it’s more important than ever to cut down your carbon footprint. There is a solution. An eco-friendly, mains-fed water boiler could increase your kitchen efficiency factor exponentially. Forgive the analogy, but a kettle treats water like Rambo. It goes in all guns blazing to heat a batch of water as quickly as possible – though in reality, the boiling time isn’t that fast, and it uses up lots of electricity. An eco-boiler works differently. It uses energy efficiently to keep water at a constant, drinkable temperature. This means there’s no need to wait for a batch of water to boil – it’s simply a case of pressing a button to dispense hot water directly into your cup. No more waiting around in the kitchen, and no more taking the kettle to the tap to fill up again. And because they’re more energy efficient, your budget should be a bit happier too.