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  • A Machine Too Many? - How Water Coolers Stand Out in the Workplace

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    A Machine Too Many? - How Water Coolers Stand Out in the Workplace

    As a nation, we are bombarded with health messages and advice on an almost daily basis. Statistics tell us that for children and adults, unhealthy diets and living are taking their toll. Thus, the workplace has undergone a change, with fewer vending machines offering unhealthy snacks and drinks. But these machines still exist in some workplaces, colleges and schools. They offer quick, instant satisfaction for a hunger pang or when someone needs an energy boost. In this sea of vending machines, hot drinks dispensers and more, there are water machines, the one addition to a workplace that is welcomed.

    Great Tasting Water

    We ensure that the water used in our bottle-fed water coolers is from sustainable sources. Currently, we work with two bottlers, both with proven track records: Kingshill Glade in Lanarkshire and Fillongley Spring Water in Warwickshire.

    This ensures that every cup of water from one of our bottled-fed water dispensers is a great tasting, refreshing cup.

    Mains-Fed or Bottle-Fed Water Dispensers? You Choose

    Mains-fed water cooler

    Mains-fed water dispensers are popular as they offer a range of benefits:

    • Inexhaustible supply of water – as the plumbed-in option, water coolers of this type are fixed in place and connected to the mains water supply. Thus, there is no limit to the amount of water that can be used. There is an hourly limit on the number of cups dispensed, due to the filtration and chilling process, but it is far more than a workplace needs.
    • Chilled and filtered water – our coolers come with a range of filters that ensure all chemical residues and impurities are removed, leaving you with a cup of chilled, healthy water.
    • Suit many workplaces – mains-fed water coolers are perfect for any workplace but especially for those locations with a high footfall, including schools and colleges.
    • No heavy lifting or storage issues – as the plumbed-in option, there are no heavy plastic bottles to lift as there is with a bottle-fed machine. This also means that storage is not an issue.
    • Reduction in carbon footprint – we take pride in operating in an environmentally friendly way, recycling plastic bottles as many times as possible, for example, coordinating deliveries across the country etc. A mains-fed water cooler reduces your carbon footprint further, as there is no use of plastic, no recycling of bottles and deliveries are also negated.
    • Less administrative duties – there is no need to order more bottles, check and sign for deliveries etc. Although the machine will need to be serviced and cleaned from time to time, this is one of very few administrative tasks needed.

    All-in-all, mains-fed water machines seem to offer the perfect solution. But, it can look too “machine like”, blending into the sea of vending machines and other dispensers.

    Although a mains-fed water dispenser works well in some workspaces, you may prefer something that looks more ‘obvious’ – and the solution would be a bottled-fed water cooler.

    Bottle fed water cooler

    There are many benefits to a bottle-fed water dispenser:

    • Movability - unlike its mains-fed counterpart, the bottle-fed dispenser can be moved from one location to another, as long as it is within reach of an electrical socket.
    • Sustainable sourced water – water used in our dispensers is of the highest quality and only from our pre-approved suppliers.
    • Filtered and chilled – within the dispenser, is smart technology for keeping water free from water-borne bacteria. Filters also remove impurities and residue that can leave both a smell and taste to the water. And with dispensers offering both chilled and hot water, the bottle-fed dispenser is a popular option for many customers.
    • Floor-standing or counter top dispensers available too – a floor-standing dispenser works well where there is plenty of space. But when floor space is limited, it makes sense to opt for the counter-top bottle-fed dispenser.
    • Less machine-like but still visually appealing – for when you don’t want ‘yet another machine’ cluttering the workspace, the bottle-fed dispenser is an ideal solution. Floor standing models have a tower-like appearance. As well as the traditional style, there is also the ultra-stylish ‘Greek column’ option, ideal for when you need a super-sleek appearance from this essential piece of workplace kit.

    Choosing the Right Water Dispenser for Your Workplace

    With a growing range of water coolers, bottle-fed and mains-fed dispensers, there is the right machine, within budget, that will suit your workplace.