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  • Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL100

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    Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL100

    When space is limited, countertop water dispensers can be a lifesaver. The mains-fed countertop water dispenser WL100 has a sleek and compact design, which fits snugly onto countertops and work surfaces, saving you valuable space while also keeping your staff, customers and visitors happy by giving them access to excellent quality filtered drinking water. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and with the small compact design of WL100 countertop dispenser, it has never been easier, regardless of whether it’s a large office, visitor’s lounge, just a small home office or maybe even a tiny kitchenette. Benefits Of A Countertop Water Dispenser

    • Convenient solution when floor space is at a premium
    • Compact size means they can fit easily into corners of homes and offices
    • Easy to use and at the perfect height for all users
    • Keeps the place tidy with nothing to drip on or walk into
    • A lightweight solution that will be supported by most countertops.
    Key Features Of The Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL100

    Space-saving - the sleek design of the countertop dispenser means that it is perfect to fit on any available countertop or cabinet. It is just 345mm wide, 367mm deep and sits at the height of 457mm.

    Small Yet Powerful - Although this compact design means it is perfect for smaller offices, reception areas or even homes it produces a constant supply of fresh filtered drinking water with a capacity of around 30 cups per hour. Perfect for busy spaces such as reception areas of visitor lounges but also useful for thirsty small offices and busy families.

    Easy To Install – Our in-house service team will be able to install your new water dispenser quickly and easily and work with you to deliver the best solution as to where you should place your machine.

    Perfectly Chilled – This compact water dispenser not only delivers a constant water supply but also offers the option of perfectly chilled water, for a great refreshing taste and cooling effect. The perfect tonic for waking up when you hit an office-slump.

    Great Taste Every Time – The WL100 water dispenser features carbon filtration technology, which is highly effective at reducing contaminants, unpleasant tastes and smells. Every time you reach for a glass of water from the WL100 water dispenser, you can be sure of a fresh and clean tasting glass of water that’s enjoyable to drink and will keep you coming back for more.

    Robust And Reliable – Due to the great tasting water our mains-fed countertop water dispenser WL100 provides, we know it keeps people coming back time and time again. This is why we design our machines from strong and durable material that withstands frequent use and the most heavy-handed of users, so you can be sure of a machine that is built to last and will not let you down.

    Straightforward Design That Can Be Used Anywhere

    The mains-fed countertop water dispenser WL100 has been designed for ease of use and provides only the necessary functions that users really want. We believe that it’s only fair for customers to pay for the features they really need, this is why the WL100 water dispenser is one of the most affordable filtered water dispensers on the market.

    The WL100 has two options:

    • Cold and Ambient
    • Hot and cold

    So, depending on your needs, you have an easy to use machine, with simple buttons and no confusing additional buttons or unnecessary features.

    Hot and cold machines are an ideal solution for small kitchens where space is a premium, as you will not need additional kettles, water boilers or coffee machines. This is perfect for keeping your drinks station simple and compact with minimal mess and confusion.

    Why Is A Water Dispenser The Way Forward?

    • Easy access to an endless supply of chilled water
    • Filtered water has a better taste which means it is easy to stay hydrated
    • Simple to use and features a drip tray to reduce mess so doesn’t require constant cleaning
    • Robust construction which means it is long-lasting and durable
    • Has multiple options to suit all users
    • Mains-fed options mean that you do not have to replace awkward and cumbersome water bottles nor keep excess bottles in storage when space is valuable
    • Stylish design that will suit every kitchen and office.

    If you’re considering a water dispenser for your home or office, the WL100 Dispenser is an economical and high-quality solution that only requires being within one metre of a switched socket and the water pipework from a rising main. The in-house service team are happy to talk through your options so that you can install the machine in many different locations.