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  • Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL2000

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    Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL2000

    To keep your staff, customers and visitors healthy and happy, a WL2000 mains-fed countertop water dispenser can do wonders. The WL2000 water dispenser provides clean, fresh and great tasting water, thanks to the expert technology in carbon filtration. The small and compact design of the WL2000 countertop water dispenser means it is perfect to put in staff canteens, kitchenettes and conference areas, anywhere where there is space for this small but powerful machine. What Are The Benefits Of A Water Dispenser? Water dispensers gives your staff, customers and visitors access to refreshing water which is important for:

    • Better performance – dehydration can lead to weakness and fatigue
    • Preventing headaches – headaches can occur when we are not drinking enough water
    • Glowing skin – staying hydrated can improve the texture and appearance of the largest organ in your body - skin
    • Circulating nutrients – our bodies need water to help properly circulate nutrients around the body and help our body’s transportation system
    • Reducing joint pain – keeping well hydrated helps our joints by keeping the cartilage soft.
    • Controlling calories – we often mistake thirst for hunger which means we consume excess calories. If you feel hungry, try having a glass of water first to see if it helps.
    Why Choose The Mains-fed Countertop Water Dispenser WL2000?

    There are many reasons why the WL2000 water dispenser would be the ideal choice for your office, visitor lounge, waiting area or community space.

    Mains-fed – This water dispenser is plumbed directly into your water supply which means you do not have to worry about replacing cumbersome and arduous water bottles. Being mains-fed means, you do not have to worry about the storage of water bottles, as you only need the small and compact countertop dispenser and nothing else. Mains-fed systems are often much more economical, and there is no risk of running out. In fact, the WL2000 will produce 50 chilled cups of water per hour.

    Countertop – The design of this water dispenser is perfect for smaller offices or workplaces where there is a limit on space. This sleek machine is just 345mm wide, 367mm deep and 480mm high. All it requires is a 13A (240 AC) switched socket within one metre of the machine and access to water from a rising main. Water access should also ideally be within one metre of the machine; however, our in-house service team can install water dispensers in the majority of locations.

    Filtered Water – The WL2000 water Dispenser offers filtered water thanks to its 1-micron carbon filtration system. Filtered water means that the water has been processed so that it is free of contaminants. It gives the water a fresh, clean finish that you’ll enjoy drinking. Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be a chore with great tasting filtered water. The activated carbon in this water dispenser means that contaminants cannot pass through to the water. Carbon can remove the metallic taste as well as parasites, pesticides, radon and MTBE and is the best way to absorb particles to give you a perfectly safe and tasty glass of water.

    Chilled and Hot Water features – the mains-fed countertop water dispenser WL2000 offers two types of machine:

    • Cold only
    • Hot and cold

    Both machines offer a direct chill service, so you can be sure to get a cold refreshing glass from the dispenser, every time. There is also an option for a hot and cold water machine that enables you to offer an array of hot and cold drinks to your staff, customers and visitors and can be particularly helpful when there is little room for a kettle and coffee machine as well. The space saving design means you can offer a choice of hot and cold refreshments, without compromising on space.

    Low Maintenance

    The WL2000 water dispenser is perfect for busy places as it will provide up to 50 cups of chilled filtered water per hour, it also has a large drip tray with a capacity of 1.4-litres so that it will catch any spillages without the need for constant tidying and cleaning of the area. Perfect for busy areas, when it is not always possible to attend to the machine. The fact that the WL2000 water dispenser provides a constant supply of great tasting water means that it requires very little maintenance, just a regular service by our in-house service team to keep the water tasting great for every glass.

    If you want to keep your busy office well hydrated but have limited space, then this water dispenser is perfect for your needs.