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  • Mains-fed Freestanding Water Dispenser WL100

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    Mains-fed Freestanding Water Dispenser WL100

    As we are all getting more health conscious and trying to increase our daily water intake, it is much easier when we have access to great tasting water. By installing the mains-fed freestanding water dispenser WL100, your staff, visitors and customers can have access to great tasting filtered water that will not only help to increase their water intake, but is guaranteed to make them come back for more.

    The Key Features Of Mains Fed Freestanding Water Dispenser Chilled Water – The WL100 offers an endless supply of chilled water, which makes for the perfect refreshment and can really rejuvenate the body in a warm office or on a hot day. The WL100 Water Dispenser provides around 30 cups of chilled water an hour, which means that everyone gets a glass of refreshing and cool water.

    High-Performance Filtered WaterThe WL100 water dispenser has inbuilt carbon filtration technology, which helps to reduce impurities through chemical adsorption. Carbon filtration is perfect for reducing the chlorine effect that is commonly found in water. Carbon filtration can help to remove the unpleasant smell and taste that is usually caused by chlorine.

    Sturdy and Robust Construction – The high-quality materials used to form this water dispenser gives it a long-lasting and sturdy quality, meaning it is perfect for busy areas where the machine will frequently be used. It is reliable and hard-wearing, so you can be sure of a long-lasting water dispenser that will suit your needs and high traffic areas for many years to come.

    Stylish and Contemporary Design – The WL100 comprises of an attractive design with a silver and black finish that will go with the décor of any corridor, workplace or kitchen area. With simple button functionality, the water dispenser is discreet and stylish with a curved docking station for your glass or water bottle.

    Minimalistic and Simple - We have made the WL100 water dispenser as straightforward and easy to navigate as possible, with easy to use buttons to keep the simplicity and style of the design as well as making sure that it is highly functional for all users. Freestanding – The benefit of choosing a freestanding water dispenser is that you only need floor space, which means it can be located in offices, corridors or anywhere that is convenient and doesn’t need to be placed on countertops or work surfaces, which is often valuable and necessary space. The freestanding design is easy to use, and the curved tray is perfect for resting your bottle or glass while you wait. The WL100 Mains-fed Water Cooler

    The Options Of The WL100 Mains-fed Freestanding Water Dispenser The simplicity of the WL100 water dispenser is designed so that customers only pay for the features they really need, and we have created two options;

    • Cold and Ambient
    • Hot and cold

    The benefit of the hot and cold water dispenser is that you can create a drinks station to make a variety of beverages and this means you do not need extra space for a coffee machine, water boilers or kettles. Dispensing is safe and secure from this machine with a drip tray to catch any accidental spillages.

    The cold and ambient machine allows people to choose their water to taste. People who suffer from sensitive teeth may find cold water too painful to drink, and ambient water may be a more practical solution. Many people enjoy the cold refreshment of a chilled glass of water; the cold effect can act as a stimulating wake-up method, which is particularly useful during summer and in warm and stuffy offices.

    Why Install A Mains-fed Freestanding Water Dispenser WL100?

    • Mains-fed means a constant supply of chilled drinking water
    • Filtered water makes for great tasting refreshment
    • Increase productivity and reduce headaches by giving your staff easy access to fresh water
    • Easy installation by our highly skilled in-house technicians
    • Sleek and stylish design that will suit any interior
    • Easy to use and minimal maintenance to keep your staff and visitors happy and healthy with no hassle.
    The Requirements Of Installing A Mains-fed Freestanding Water Dispenser WL100

    Our in-house service team will always help you to try and get your dispenser working exactly where you want it. However, the machines need to be within one metre of a 13A (240V AC) switched socket and less than one metre away from the pipework so that it can be supplied with water from a rising main. Also, the pipework needs to be terminated with a 15mm stopcock. However, our friendly advisors are willing to help work out the most practical solution for the installation of your brand-new water dispenser.