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  • Make Drinking More Water One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

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    Make Drinking More Water One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

    New year’s resolutions are often formulated under some grand bravado that you will really go all out to change a habit or way of life in the new year. People pledge to stop smoking, exercise more, stop biting their nails and so on. All of these are worthy resolutions, but sadly a lot of people soon give up and revert to type soon enough. If this has been you in years’ past, don’t despair, there could be a new year’s resolution that benefits you in more ways than one, and should be a lot more achievable, without quite the level of dedication required – drinking more water. Yes such a simple resolution could be the key to unlocking the doors you’d previously not had the power to go through. For example, drinking more water will naturally boost your system in many ways, helping as it does with circulation, getting the blood to spread vital necessities to your organs, including your brain. This is why drinking water has often been linked to a sharpening of the senses. To further boost your health, drinking water will often mean you substitute out drinking sugary canned drinks and pops. It might also mean you cut down on the number of coffees and teas you drink – which can only be a good thing. Smokers often find having something to hold on to can fight the urge to have a cigarette. Now, whilst water itself definitely won’t fight the craving, going for a drink of water instead of a cigarette might actually help fight off the pang many people mistakenly believe to be hunger. This is often actually your body telling you to drink more water. Who knows? Without the feeling of hunger, you might not find yourself reaching for the packet of ciggies so quickly. Drinking water may also give you that extra level of energy to get out the chair and do some exercise. So instead of giving yourself a new year’s resolution you suspect you will soon shy away from, why not start with something small and build your way up to the big stuff later in the year?