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  • Make Water Part of Your Beauty Routine

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    Make Water Part of Your Beauty Routine

    Research shows that the average person will pay many thousands of pounds for expensive beauty treatments over the course of his or her life. Spoiler alert: many of these products will not actually live up to their promise of bringing eternal youth! The fact is, people need to stay hydrated to keep looking and feeling their best. Just like fruit and vegetables wither and lose their natural colour as they dry out, human skin wrinkles and fades when it becomes dehydrated. Small lines start to show, and the skin loses its natural tone and lustre, making it appear congested, dull and lifeless. Cosmetic complaints such as dark circles under the eyes or pimples can often be rapidly improved by drinking more water. Topping up at the office water coolers and drinking eight glasses of fresh, filtered water each day will help make your skin look and feel soft and bright. Your eyes appear to have more ‘sparkle’, and you feel simply wonderful when you're healthy and hydrated. And it's so easy to do. If you prefer hot drinks, avoid caffeine-based drinks, which will actually remove water from the body and stress out your adrenal glands. Instead, head to the hot water dispenser and enjoy a drink that’s equally soothing, but contains less caffeine. Alcohol can have similar effects to caffeine, and can remove important vitamins and minerals from your body, as well as leaving you feeling dehydrated. If you are going to enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening – research shows that it may have benefits for heart health – do as the French do and accompany it with a glass of chilled water.