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  • Manage your office bills with a fixed price water cooler

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    Manage your office bills with a fixed price water cooler

    Pre conceptions of office water coolers may mean that pound signs spring up in front of your eyes, but installing a water cooler in your office certainly doesn’t have to be costly. New packages on the market mean that you can supply your office with fresh, cold drinking water for a very small weekly fee. Competitive pricing means that you can pay as little as £10 per week for 50 bottles per year, which on average would supply an office of 10 people. Certain companies also offer a pay as you go package which means you only end up paying for the water that you use. This can be beneficial to offices unsure of what they will use, Don’t forget that trustworthy companies will always let you change your tariff to a fixed price one when you are confident and sure about how much water your staff is using per week. Choosing a water cooler to suit your office can save you money, not only will it keep your staff motivated and improve concentration levels, it will also stop you from being forced into a package which may be too large for your office. Picking the right company to provide you with your office water will mean that you get the most for your money. Certain companies will offer free delivery and installation in 24-48 hours, which means you don’t have to worry about finding someone to install it in the right place for you. A respectable company will point you towards the water cooler that will suit your office the most, depending on the size of the office, space available and employee, client and customer numbers. If your office has many rooms or floors, you may want more than one cooler. The benefits of having a fixed price water cooler mean that you can tailor it to your company budget. This means it is worked into the forecasts for costing each month, you know exactly what you will pay. It may be that you would like to change your plan if it seems that you don’t have enough water or you are being supplied with too much, many respectable companies are happy to change your plan for you. You can also work out how best to pay your bills each month, and another benefit with a fixed price water cooler is that you pay exactly the same amount each month, which means that your bills over the summer will be exactly the same as the winter, something that wouldn’t happen with a pay as you go tariff, which means you wouldn’t know what to expect from your bill each month and there is a high chance that your bill would significantly increase over the warm summer months as your staff are more likely to use a cold water cooler.