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  • Manchester’s Sectors Are Covered with Angel Springs

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    Manchester’s Sectors Are Covered with Angel Springs

    Manchester, as we have all begun to realise, is a thriving metropolis, a hotbed of opportunities for people from all walks of life. Vibrant and throbbing, the local business economy is robust and ever-expanding. But there is more to Manchester than busy streets and big name business; it draws people for all kinds of reasons. And where there are people, you need water. And where there is a need for water, there is Angel Springs. We provide clean, deliciously tasting and chilled drinking water by the way of water coolers to thousands of customers across Manchester, both the city and surrounding areas. And sector is no barrier either:

    • Offices

    Busy, busy places; lots of conversations on the phones with customers, people calling in, meeting, visitors and more – and with the heat that can sometimes be supplied in busy office complexes, they can be dry environments.

    The hot water boiler can work over time but sometimes, to keep people alert and focused, they need hydration. They need water.

    Tap water is so-so. There are some chemicals in it that can cause it to taste a little odd and frankly, who enjoys the taste tepid water? Very few and so when you need to encourage your staff team to remain hydrated, there is nothing better that Angel Springs water coolers.

    • Education

    Life-long learning never ceases. From the primary schools to the secondary schools, to the colleges to the universities (Manchester is the only place to offer a course in “Mummy Studies, did you know?), students of all ages need to stay hydrated to remain focused and alert.

    It can be that simple. The first tentative stage of dehydration is mild confusion –where did I put that…? Or did you tell me that? – And so on. People who are hydrated just feel a little better too, making better decisions and faster.

    But we don’t want to blind you with science at this stage because we want to tell you more about Angel Springs, and how we can help all sectors including the hospitality and leisure sectors, as well as industrial sectors and businesses. We also want to make sure that procurement professionals understand that Angel Springs is the company with the capacity and ability to serve all businesses and all sectors.

    Our business ethos

    We love simplicity.

    And we make sure that our processes and structures are regularly monitored and reviewed so that they are streamlined. We do this in some ways:

    • Locally sourced water – we currently have two sites, one in Scotland and the other towards the Midlands. From here, the water is filtered and bottled in sanitised, recycled bottles and distributed across our extensive network of depts.
    • Depots located across the country – we have specialist storage facilities in all major cities across England, as well as service centres in Scotland and Wales. These stations have been strategically placed so that deliveries can take place quickly.

    But it more than just about speed. It is about the environment. We don’t like to run half empty vans or have big lorries that deliver across several hundreds of miles. We want a responsive service which is why we have created a delivery network that has minimal impact on the environment. We are constantly looking at reducing our carbon footprint.

    • Recycled and reused – our plastic bottles are robust, and can survive several cycles of being filled, emptied and sanitised ready for use again. The cups we supply are all recyclable and we also have energy efficient units too.

    We know we are a great business to do business with

    Our customers tell us, but we also have over a thousand customers that join us every month – and we think this popularity of our simple, yet responsive service speaks for itself.

    We have 66,000 water coolers keeping the nation hydrated as we speak, many thousands of which are in Manchester. Over 150,000 litres of Angel Springs water is consumed every day!

    The statistics and information could go on and on but if you are a business in Manchester, or a school a college, a university faculty, a canteen, a hotel, a café, an office complex and so on, then you need to call us to find out more.

    To put us to the test and to see if the service we provide is as responsive and simple as we say, you can have a free trial… interested?