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  • Why do Marathon Runners Swear by Bottled Water?

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    Why do Marathon Runners Swear by Bottled Water?

    Have you ever watched a local marathon, or one of the big events on the television, and wondered why the athletes always seem to have water almost thrown at them at times? Well, the answer lies in keeping the body well hydrated during exercise. Hydration is vital to all human beings, but especially to athletes and other sports stars who use a lot of energy in running. For athletes, hydration is key to performance as they quickly use up water in their body and rapid dehydration can kick in. This is because water evaporates via sweat – which we obviously tend to produce when participating in more strenuous activities – and therefore it is essential to replace the body’s lost moisture. A bottle of water is obviously a very handy tool for marathon runners or long distance runners as they can hold it and keep swigging some water when they start to feel thirsty – so having people scattered across the course ready to dispense cool water bottles is a must at any long distance running event. Of course, good hydration is not just essential for people participating in long distance running events. It’s just as important to keep on top of things if you work in an office, are a stay-at-home parent, or even if you’re retired. Water helps regulate the body in so many ways, even for the least athletic of us. It helps balance our body salts as well as detoxifying all our vital organs, it is even suggested that regularly drinking water can help revitalise the skin. So, the next time you see a runner reach for a bottle of water, hopefully it will act as a reminder to keep yourself well hydrated too! Latest news and information from Angel Springs, the UK's leading hydration specialists.