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  • Maximise Space in Your Office with a Countertop Water Dispenser

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    Maximise Space in Your Office with a Countertop Water Dispenser

    Your office is busy but you know that staying hydrated means that you and your team stay on top of your game. But we both know there is a problem. Somewhere amongst the desks, the chairs, the leaning towers of boxes, cupboards and the photocopier, you have to find space for a water cooler. The options are limited because it needs to be within easy reach of an electrical socket… … however, there is another solution: a countertop water dispenser!

    Why opt for the countertop water dispenser?

    Frankly, it is the answer to all your needs but if you think by opting for a ‘smaller model’ you are opting for a sub-standard product, think again.

    It is the same as a floor standing water cooler, just without the column.

    The internal workings of a water cooler are relatively simple. In recent years, with streamlined technology, water coolers have become far less cumbersome in design and appearance

    They pack the same power and the same punch, it is just that the internal mechanism of the countertop water cooler is arranged slightly differently, so that the leg column is not needed.

    Same capacity, smaller packaging

    You are getting the same capacity in a countertop water cooler as you do in a floor standing one.

    For example, for lighter demand, the countertop WL100 would be sufficient, capable of dispensing 10 cold cups of 150ml at once; that’s 1.5litres of lovely, cold water. For heavier demand, such as a busy office, the countertop water dispenser model WL3 dispenses twice that at once, which leaves the possibility of enjoying 3 litres of lush cold water at the flick of a tap or the touch of a button.

    Just because the packaging is smaller doesn’t mean the throughput or capacity is smaller.

    Just as stylish

    There is, we must admit, something attractive and appealing to the eye of the floor standing water coolers. Their columns hold them aloft, much like the safe hands of Atlas and the globe.

    But when it is wedged between a filing cabinet and the office printer, its stylish appeal may be somewhat lost.

    The countertop models are all delightful and stylish in appearance. The clean, fresh appeal of the Avalanche countertop water dispenser is available in crisp white or understated black. And the chrome finish of the Waterlogic WL4 has a futuristic appeal that means any work place would be proud to have it sat on a worktop in the reception, kitchen, office or boardroom.

    Easier to move

    Countertop water dispensers do everything that floor standing ones can, but countertop models do it so much better: movability.

    It would be great if the budget would stretch to water coolers in every room and corridor of your business. But unfortunately, a lot of the time it can’t. There are times when you could do with a cold and hot water dispenser in the board room for example, but the water dispenser is miles away down the corridor…

    No more! A counter top water dispenser is far easier to manoeuvre and carry, making it the ideal solution to move as and when needed (but don’t forget you need to plug it in).

    Same options

    What combination would you like – hot and chilled water? Or just ambient and chilled water? Maybe you would like all three?

    If you think that opting for a countertop model means waving goodbye to all the convenience of a hot water dispenser (at the right temperature for the ideal cuppa) and a cold water dispenser, take a closer look at our range of countertop models.

    You will see that they boast the same range of options as their floor standing cousins and, it has to be said, their plumbed-in ones too. They come complete with the same kind of filtration systems and complete with the BioCote anti-bacterial system that stops nasty, water-borne bacteria from growing.

    No compromise

    Yes, space is limited and your office busy. Demand for chilled and/hot water may be light or it may be a constant demand but when you opt for a countertop water dispenser model, you are not compromising.

    We often assume that bigger is better, more appealing, more solid and robust but sometimes, what you need is the same great machine, with the right capacity to satisfy the thirsty throng but just in a smaller package.