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  • Mission accomplished for Angel Springs engineer Dave James

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    Mission accomplished for Angel Springs engineer Dave James

    Sanitisation engineer Dave James from Angel Springs the UK's fastest growing supplier of bottled and mains fed water coolers, set out on a mission last week to ride from John O'Groates to Lands' End on a 50cc moped, along with 50 other motorcycle enthusiasts in order to raise money for Brad's Cancer Foundation UK. Over the past seven days he has endured harsh weather conditions and breakdowns. Only capable of reaching 30mhp has been a challenge in itself! Dave James has been updating us all with his progress along the way and below is his final update. Well done Dave! Hi Everyone....here is my final update from arriving at Worksop. Day five we left Worksop to head for Cirencester in Gloucestershire, via Nottingham so that we could visit the hospital that we are trying to raise money for (the whole point of the trip) a long trip when you cannot use motorways, however I managed to get my ped running like a dream now that I found out that my points had closed up, so we made steady progress. When we arrived at Cirencester I found that Jan (the wife) and Chris (my son) had joined us in the van and I had a great night’s sleep that night in the van. We had also received a special delivery of much needed Angel Springs water coolers bespoke small pack water, which was more than welcome. Day six we left Cirencester for Oakhampton in Devon, the penultimate journey and I was now worried about any unusual sounds made by my very small engine, to have an engine seizure now after all the miles covered in such horrendous conditions would be a disaster, but it kept on chugging away, not long to go now. We arrived at Oakhampton in the early evening and found that the army had put some large tents up for us, as they have done throughout the trip, a much needed resource that we could not have done without. We had a meal in the pub that night and got ready for the last day. We left Oakhampton on the last day down the A30 that would take us all the way to Lands’ End, breakdowns were still occurring, but our skilled genius mechanics had them fixed and rolling again within minutes, keeping everyone going. The peds were now looking very tired and battered, but kept going to the end. 50 of us on peds arrived at Lands’ End on Friday the 13th April, 7 days after we started our incredible journey from John O’Groates, an amazing achievement that took over 80 people to achieve. Altogether we raised over £30,000 for brads teenage cancer foundation, a much needed amount of money that is going towards a new unit at Nottingham hospital, for teenaged cancer sufferers across the country. I would like to thank each and every one of you at Angel Springs who have sponsored me, for this amazing journey and help me raise some money for this worthwhile cause. Back to sanitising coolers for me tomorrow, see you soon.