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  • More Reasons to Keep Drinking Water

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    More Reasons to Keep Drinking Water

    Stop walking past the mains-fed water cooler at work in favour of the vending machine or takeaway coffee stand. Much of the energy you need to get through the working day can be obtained from the pure, natural water that is available from your office water coolers! You may already be aware of how water can help you beat fatigue, avoid headaches and keep your skin and weight in perfect balance, but did you also know that water is essential for good digestion? If you drink plenty of cold water, you will naturally raise your metabolism, as water is vital for the digestive process. That's right – there is no need for expensive diet pills or supplements, as you can simply drink more H2O to improve your metabolism! Fibre and water work together to help your body to digest food, and it's vital that if you increase the amount of fibre in your diet – fibre is available in nuts, grains, legumes, pulses, fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals – you also drink more water. Many people are also surprised to learn that by keeping hydrated they can reduce the risk of sprains and cramps. This is because hydration will keep muscles and joints lubricated, helping to avoid damage. You'll also keep your immune system strong and help guard against flu, infections and even ailments such as kidney stones. Water could also help your body stay clean by flushing out toxins. So, keep drinking the pure stuff and start to reap the benefits. If you're new to the standard eight-glasses-a-day regime, build up your water intake gradually and listen to your body. Don't gulp it all down at once!

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