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  • MP Pat McFadden visits Angel Springs HQ

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    MP Pat McFadden visits Angel Springs HQ

    Wolverhampton MP Pat McFadden came to Angel Springs HQ last week to discuss the launch of the BWCA “Stay Cooler” campaign about the importance of health and hydration in the workplace and rising obesity levels in the general population and how good hydration can help with this. The campaign will be launched in conjunction with Weber Shandwick a global Public Affairs company and is an initiative aimed to encourage hydration in the workplace, particularly within the public sector as a result of the recent cutbacks the public sector bodies have been obligated to make. Although cuts in the public sector are inevitable, the low cost healthy benefit that water coolers bring is a basic facility for staff in the public sector, often working in older properties that do not have easy access to drinking water. The ‘Stay Cooler’ campaign will exemplify a cost-effective way to retain employees by enabling them to be happy and healthy in the work place. As hydration in the workplace results in employees being more focused with high morale and better mental and physical efficiency, ultimately reducing the numbers of sick days and absence which costs every business across the UK millions of pounds every year. Being dehydrated can lead to a number of things such as a lack of concentration, dizziness, and more commonly headaches. Having a water cooler in the office can protect employees from the risk of these symptoms. Good hydration can also help with weight control, as drinking enough water can remove the mistaken desire to eat more when a lack of hydration is the true desire. Not only does implementing a hydration system in the workplace keep productivity levels up as well as keeping all employees healthy, but it offers a convenient and easily accessible way of providing a refreshing, clean and hygienic alternative to drinking other beverages such as carbonated drinks that cannot provide the same healthy benefits. Water coolers in the workplace has become a symbolic asset in the office environments and can help with a healthy lifestyle and can help to reduced obesity levels, reducing the future burden on NHS and national economies.