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  • Natural Beauty and the Role of Water

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    Natural Beauty and the Role of Water

    If you buy expensive beauty creams and cosmetics regularly in a bid to keep your skin and appearance looking as youthful as possible, then you might be interested to know that there is a far cheaper and more accessible ingredient that is proven to keep you looking young and fresh: water! Water is the main ingredient of any preparation that you buy commercially, and it is water in our skin's cells that keep them looking naturally plump and youthful. As we get older, it becomes more difficult for our skin to retain water and we tend to lead lifestyles that damage this important organ, engaging in activities such as drinking alcohol, smoking, spending time in traffic or polluted environments, eating a poor diet, not sleeping enough and applying chemicals to our bodies. The good news is that by simply drinking more water we can rapidly change how we look. External application can be beneficial, but water consumption is the most important aspect, so enjoy eight glasses of water a day from the water coolers in the office, or try herbal teas or fruit blends by using the water boiler. Forget caffeine and sugar, which both age the skin prematurely. Externally, try hydrotherapy, such as saunas and warm baths with essential oils. These natural oils penetrate the skin's barrier and provide supportive and protective benefits. They are also free from chemicals and additives, which can damage the skin. As far as possible, use organic products and avoid parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals and other commercial additives that can stress the skin and age it in the process. Also increase your filtered water intake by enjoying more fruit and vegetables, ideally between five to eight portions a day with an emphasis on vegetables. Try fresh smoothies and juices, crisp salads, fresh soups and vegetable-based casseroles. You will soon notice the difference.