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  • Niggling Health Concerns? Look to Water

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    Niggling Health Concerns? Look to Water

    Many people who work in offices will find that they occasionally experience niggling health concerns. These can range from headaches and aching limbs to sore joints, dry eyes and even skin complaints. But before you go to the pharmacy or doctor, consider the role that adequate hydration plays in your health. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, which means that every time we head to the water coolers for a top-up at work, we are making a powerful move to support our health and well-being. We lose water in everything we do, be it exercising or even just breathing. For that reason, we need to take steps to stay hydrated throughout the day, ideally by drinking around eight glasses of water. You don't need to drink cold water either. Hot drinks from the hot water dispenser at work are equally good for your health, particularly if you opt for non-caffeine based drinks such as herbal teas and fruit teas. Failing that, Indian health systems make incredible spiced Chai blends using turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and more. If you feel brave, why not experiment with a blend of your own. You can 'eat' more water too if you opt for greater amounts of vegetables, fruits, soups, blended drinks and the like. Not only will you increase the amount of water that you take in, but you'll also increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, which will further boost your health. Fruit and vegetables are essential for good health overall, and can help protect against a wide range of diseases and illnesses. Not only will your health start to improve, but your mood will too, as water plays a vital role in influencing our overall well-being. You should also notice brighter eyes and clearer skin, further motivating you to continue your good work!

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