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  • Office Board Rooms – is There a Place for Coolers in the Board Room?

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    Office Board Rooms – is There a Place for Coolers in the Board Room?

    The board room can be the engine room of any business. It is the physical space in which important meetings take place that change and drive the company. They can be short, sharp meetings or they can be gatherings of key people in the organisation that pull together, creating solutions over many hours of talking and doing. The boardroom, as a result, is a space that needs to be flexible and versatile. They may need to look and feel professional and authoritative as contracts are exchanged but, they also need to look inviting and less formal in other circumstances. How the room is dressed, with furniture and accessories can make a huge difference in how people perceive its interior. Friendly or stuffy? Modern or a forgotten about room, full of dust?

    How is your boardroom? Does it need a makeover?

    We think there are five crucial factors that need to be present within the boardroom itself for it to provide the setting that you need it.
    • Modern or traditional?
    When it comes to planning your boardroom, it pays to have an idea of what style you are opting for when it comes to its design and look. You may think that a boardroom is a collection of chairs and a table but, there are times when it need to be so much more. Your board or meeting room should reflect your business and your brand. If you are a young-at-heart company, within the field of technology, your meeting space should reflect and support this. No longer should the boardroom be silent and austere.
    • Stuffy or creative?
    In effect, just as you create office space for staff that supports and nurtures creativity, you are also looking to create a meeting space that does the same. In effect, you harness creativity by removing the stuffiness. We have all seen the boardrooms with oil paintings of their founders adorning the walls, the thick wood on the walls and the feeling that it is a secret place to be. Today’s modern boardroom is a creative space, with more than a dash of informality. Refreshments are no longer the preserve of the tea trolley. There can be an area for refreshments in a board room, and one instant hit is the provision of cooled, filtered water via a dispenser. The great thing about bottle-fed dispensers is that they can be moved. So, the next time you have a big meeting happening, move the water dispenser in.
    • Communication ability is key
    The layout of a board or meeting room is important too. Communication in any meeting is essential. The fact is, you won’t reach the best decision for the business unless people are communicating their ideas, concerns and questions clearly. In this sense, layout is the key to ensuring that people can not only hear each other but see each other. The spoken word is only one method of communication in such places; body language is too. Being able to see how people feel about a suggestion or a point of view is an important part of the process.
    • Informal space needed too
    People need to network and socialise. It is a fundamental need of a human being that they need to be able to connect with others. It is also the nature of office politics too. It is the way we gather allies, and also the way in which we attempt to get people on the side. The informal discussion, the asking after the kids, ex-colleagues, mutual friends and so on, are all an important part of how your business grows, and how people develop. This is why, in effect, we serve tea, coffee and food. The place where we all feel comfortable interacting is around a social setting. Take a moment to consider where people go when a crisis appears – they all rush to the kettle. When there is excitement or celebration, they congregate at the kettle. The water dispenser in the boardroom can do the same thing. It is an informal gathering point, a place where people can unwind briefly from the serious business of driving the company onwards.
    • Refreshments and comfort
    If nothing else, you do need to pay attention to comfort. If people are uncomfortable, they fidget. If they fidget, they become more uncomfortable; they can become spiky and uncertain, confrontational even.

    Have you seen the modern meeting room? Full of technology and easy chairs, full of breakout spaces where people can mingle. Full of decisions and creativity – what is your boardroom saying about your business?