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  • Office water coolers for warmer weather

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    Office water coolers for warmer weather

    When the weather heats up, so do your staff and the offices they work in! There is no faster way to lose productivity during the warmer months, than by failing to provide cool and readily-available supplies of fresh water for thirsty workers. The fact is, by the time we experience thirst, we're actually already at the point of dehydration. Reaching this stage starts to impact on concentration and the ability to focus. This causes issues for office based staff who need to remain immersed in their activities. The effect is exacerbated for active staff who have more physical roles, and the need for water becomes imperative as the temperature rises. Failure to remain hydrated can lead to headaches, irritability and illnesses over time. In fact, the medical benefits of regular glasses of water are proven and have been recognised by the Government's Health & Safety executive, which obligates employers to provide accessible water sources for workers within the premises. To ensure your staff have the water they need, there are now a wide range of products available. Mains-fed water coolers plug directly into the mains water supply and filter and chill the water, to make sure it tastes as cool and pure as possible. Alternatively, bottled spring water systems are available. A bottled water cooler uses chilled and bottled spring water, for the most natural source of valuable minerals and optimum hydration. At Angel Springs, we also use a national network of distributors to provide spring water sourced from natural, local sources; providing local and green benefits and minimising the carbon footprint associated with long-distance distribution. So not only do your staff benefit from a refreshing bottled water cooler in the staff kitchen, corridor and communal areas, but you have the business satisfaction of knowing you're providing locally sourced water. The benefits will become clear: your staff will remain hydrated, alert and will enjoy the taste of pure spring water too; an undeniably delicious taste, particularly when served chilled.