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  • Office Water Dispensers - Hot Water Options 

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    Office Water Dispensers - Hot Water Options 

    For office environments, nothing sets the tone quite like a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. During a hectic working day, it’s vital to ensure that you have a strong and steady supply to keep your employees up and running on the front line. Most offices aren’t looking for anything too extravagant, and to reflect that all of our designs are minimalistic and aim to cut down installation times and maintenance requirements. For offices, there are three main options: Wall-mounted hot water boilers, Mains-fed water coolers and Bottle-fed water coolers. Below, we take a look at the best water dispensers for your business.

    Hot Water Boilers

    Hot water dispensers are perhaps the best option for busy office spaces, canteens or kitchens where hot water is in frequent demand. A well-placed hot water dispenser at a pinch point, can cope with much higher demand than any kettle. In this section, we take a look at some of the best hot water boilers on the market. Angel Eco-Boiler WMT5 The WMT5 is the go to model for any office looking for a stylish and understated hot water dispenser. This wall mounted self-service hot water boiler is ideal for a medium sized office. The boiler has an easy to use electronic control interface and user diagnostics. The overall design has been tailored to ensure the ease of extraction, facilitating the latest BWT Bestmax filtration technology to provide you with water that tastes the part. The WMT5 is particularly energy efficient and is easy to open for maintenance and descaling. Precise water temperature control ensures that your colleagues get the drinks they need at the temperatures they want.

    Mains-fed water coolers

    Another great option for the hectic office environment is a mains-fed water cooler. Mains-fed water coolers are very cost effective with a high drink output that ensures adequate circulation of refreshments. Below we take a look at some of the best mains-fed water coolers on the market!

    Angel Waterlogic WL4

    The WL4 is one of the most technologically advanced water coolers on the market today. The WL4 makes use of Firewall UV technology to keep the water clean and hygienic for consumption. UV technology uses heat rather than chemicals to keep the water clear of contaminants. The exterior model design fits in well with minimalist office layouts and features a unique drip tray sensor. For tea, intensive offices the WL4 can manage five hot cups at once, or 60 hot cups an hour.

    Angel Waterlogic WL3

    The sophisticated hydration system of the WL3 is ideal for offices on the front line. With this model, your employees will be able to dispense chilled and sparkling water through one dispenser, while having premium quality boiling water on demand through another. For offices where space is limited, the countertop model of the WL3 can be a lifesaver. The WL3 is an absolute tea powerhouse, and you’ll be able to process nine hot cups at once, and around 100 hot cups an hour! You’ll be hard pressed to find a model on the market that will rival this level of high quality water output.

    Bottle Fed Water Coolers

    For office environments, Bottle-fed water coolers are a great low maintenance option to provide staff with a fresh, chilled water supply. These models are easy to install and can be placed anywhere in your office where there is a power point. For offices, kitchens and customer reception areas, bottle fed water coolers are a great option.

    Glacier Bottle-Fed Freestanding Water Cooler

    The Glacier Bottle-fed freestanding water cooler is exceptionally reliable making it ideal for any vibrant office space. The cabinet itself is outfitted with a fluted Greek column design to add a touch of style to your working environment. Our up to date technology gives you a fully operational heating and cooling system that remains effective with each use. In the event of spillages, the water cooler is fitted with a removable drip tray to make it easier to clean up any unwanted mess!

    Avalanche Bottle-Fed Countertop Water Cooler

    The Avalanche bottle-fed water cooler is a tailor made design intended to sit on a kitchen or office counter. This model is great for dining areas or refreshment rooms in busy office spaces. The Avalanche’s ‘evaporator brand’ cooling technology keeps the water fresh, consisting of an Internal Chiller that helps you hit optimum temperature. Whether you’re after hot drinks or a refreshing cup of water, the Avalanche has you covered!