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  • On the Move? Drink More Water!

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    On the Move? Drink More Water!

    Many people are dehydrated without realising it, especially if they work in sedentary jobs and drink tea and coffee throughout the day. Unfortunately, coffee is full of caffeine and has a strongly diuretic effect, which encourages the body to shed water. This is obviously undesirable. Those who drink a lot of caffeine will be familiar with low-level symptoms such as headaches, jangling nerves and poor sleep patterns. It's hugely important to stay hydrated through the day, especially when on the move. You'll know when you're getting enough water when you feel energetic, focused, bright and generally full of vitality. Create a schedule that incorporates water. Have a glass when you wake up. Pop to the water cooler when you get to work and fill up a jug for the morning. Cooler water often tastes better, so consider adding some ice cubes or a slice of citrus fruit or mint. Avoid sugary drinks or processed drinks, which are full of additives and provide calories that you simply don't need. Remember too that you can 'eat' water through food. This provides hydration along with vitamins, minerals and fibre. The most water-packed fruits include watermelon, berries, apples and nectarines. Vegetables are also packed with water. Good choices include cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and sweet peppers. Part of their low calorie content is a result of their high water percentage. These foods are packed with essential nutrients. Hot drinks should not be forgotten either. Lemon and ginger tea will blitz a cold and provide respite on a cold day. White tea is delicate and flavoursome and offers heart protective benefits. Fennel is good for the digestion and nettle is said to benefit the blood. Experiment until you find the flavours and formulations that suit you. There are, after all, hundreds of blends available.

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