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  • Optional Water Boilers for Canteens, Kitchen and Tea & Coffee Areas

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    Optional Water Boilers for Canteens, Kitchen and Tea & Coffee Areas

    The kettle is not the only option when it comes to supplying hot water for drinks and food. Expensive to run and unable to cope with frequent demand, the humble kettle will soon malfunction. There is a far more efficient alternative in the shape of a hot water boiler. But if this phrase conjures up visions of an ugly ‘boiler’ then you need to look at the options that we offer…

    Option 1 Wall-mounted hot water boilers

    Not always blessed with good looks or a compact, sleek design, the wall mounted hot water boiler has been re-designed in modern times; you will be pleased to know. We have two great options, perfect for the canteen or kitchen where hot water is in frequent demand. They are great for serving hot water at pinch points in the day too.

    The Hot Plus wall mounted boiler is a bijou 456mm in height, 320mm in width with a depth of only 255mm for the stainless steel version of this hot water boiler. But don’t let these statistics fool you; it can serve whopping 42 cups at one time from its 7-litre tank, and a throughput of 210 cups per hour, more than enough to cover the breakfast rush in your hotel or the mid-morning break on the shop floor.

    It also tells you when the lime scale is building up and has safety protection features too.

    Don’t need such a big product? The opt for the Hot Plus wall mounted eco boiler. With a throughput of 163 cups per hour, its 5-litre tank is still able to produce 30 cups at one time. With a precise water temperature control, tea and coffee will never have tasted so good.

    And you still have a choice of a white or stainless steel finish.

    Option 2 Countertop hot water boilers

    When you don’t want the boiler fixing to the wall, a great option is a bijou and compact countertop water dispenser.

    Similar to its wall mounted counterpart, the Hot Plus countertop boiler boasts some impressive features:

    • Choice of two capacities – 2 litres or 5 litres
    • The 2-litre capacity tank offers 28 litres per hour, with its slightly bigger counterpart offering 198 cups of perfect hot water per hour
    • Need something really big? There is a 10-litre option to be had too, boasting an impression 228 cups per hour, perfect for the breakfast rush in your busy hotel or a very busy shop floor
    • Energy efficient with an electronic control, heating and running a counter top hot water boiler is far more efficient and cheaper than a domestic kettle
    • Opt for a push button dispenser or a tap

    Option 3 Under the counter boiler

    Sometimes, you just don’t want to be looking the mechanics of what makes your tea or coffee. If you desire minimal clutter, and a streamlined look, the under the counter option is simply perfect.

    And you don’t need to compromise on features when you opt for looks either…

    • Choose from a 4 litre or 10-litre tank
    • The 4-litre option offers 167 cups per hours, and the 10-litre tank offers a superb 228 cups per hour
    • Various tap options mean you choose the one that suits your interior décor
    • The 4-litre boiler is easily accommodated, Standing at 583mm in height, with a width of 135mm and a depth of 394mm
    • The 10-litre tank is not gargantuan, standing at the same height with a width of 226mm and a depth of 394mm, a piece of equipment that is easily accommodated.
    • The quiet running pump is also a welcome feature with water dispensed at a perfect-for-tea-and-coffee-temperature of 92°

    Option 4 – Hot water taps

    Brilliant minimal design, the look of a hot water dispensing tap for tea and coffee removes all the clutter from view. When looks matter, such as in a café, restaurant, bar or hotel dining room, investing in a hot water tap is one worth making.

    We have several hot water tap options perfect for your business. These taps are;

    • Energy efficient in their functions, using little energy to dispense the water asked for
    • Hot water is not the only option; you can choose from hot and cold, hot, cold and sparkling with some models or just hot with others
    • Advance carbon filtration means cleaner tasting water
    • Some also come with an integrated drip tray to keep the serving area clean and tidy

    Which option will you choose?

    View our range of hot water boilers