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  • Options with Water Coolers and Boilers in the Facilities Management Industry

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    Options with Water Coolers and Boilers in the Facilities Management Industry

    Facilities management is vital in many industries, sectors and businesses. It is about making sure that everything that needs to be in place is not only there, but working and maintained in good order. In some aspects and some businesses this is simple but, when there are multiple sites, a larger workforce and a workforce of people with different needs, some complex and others not, it can become a logistical nightmare. Add to this already heady mix of wants and needs are the legal and binding sets of rules that companies must follow. There are aspects of facilities management that are simply non-negotiable. And one aspect is sanitation.

    The need for effective sanitation

    People, as they live and work, create waste; they create their own waste as well as waste in terms of materials and so on. All of this needs to be adequately dealt with, and thus facilities management can be about making sure the bins are emptied, the recycled items re-used and that people have access to toilets, hand-washing facilities and clean water. Drinking water is a must-have, there is no doubt. Without access to clean, safe drinking water, employees could potentially refuse to work for the company. And here presents a problem – in a warm, stable office environment, tap water is not an issue – although some say the chemicals and treatment that tap water receives affects the taste of tap water. But, there is a bigger problem with this; if you have multiple sites, or sites that are not fixed, how do you supply the workforce with clean, safe drinking water. This is where we can help. Recognising the need for simple and efficient solutions, we have a product that is perfect in so many ways.

    Water Coolers

    For those that do not like the taste of tap water, or construction sites that may only need water for a few months, for example – we have water coolers that are just right. There are two options – the bottled fed water cooler or the plumbed in version. Both offer pros and cons that make one or both suitable for your premises. The beauty of a bottle fed system is that they offer clean and delightfully cooled water in hygienically clean dispensing equipment that can be moved from one point to another, if needed. They serve the workforce well and can be placed in a spot that is the most convenient. See our collection of bottled fed water coolers. The plumbed in version may be better where the workforce is larger and the demand for clean drinking higher. These mains-fed coolers are easy to install with very little need for any maintenance or repairs. Incredibly robust, they are popular in places such as schools, college, large industrial based factories and units. Some people have often seen these plumbed-in ‘coolers’ as being ugly and bland, but times and designs have changed thus, the ‘cooler’ looks far more attractive, minimal in design and far more stylish. See our collection of plumbed-in coolers.

    Water Boilers

    The workforce can be a thirsty bunch and sometimes a glass of water is not what is needed. Many people like to start their day with a tea or coffee. Many people need hot water to make their lunch and so on. The humble kettle can be under considerable strain. Not only does it take an age to boil, but it can also be costly too. Stop the hanging around, cut the energy bill considerably too, by installing a water boiler. Instant boiling water at the flick of a tap makes these boilers incredibly popular in all kinds of situations. Again, filters can be included to make the tap water tasteless ‘chemical’ and thus, tea, coffee and other beverages taste much nicer as a result. Employees won’t have to waste 10 minutes of their break waiting for the kettle to boil or risk someone pinching the newly boiled water should they leave the kettle unattended.

    Facilities management with one less worry

    For many facilities managers and caretakers, there are small but essential items of maintenance that need to be periodically carried out. They do not want to add more to this already long list of routine maintenance tasks, and the thought of maintaining these water coolers or boilers is not a welcome one.