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  • Personalised Water Bottles - Hospitality Systems in the UK

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    Personalised Water Bottles - Hospitality Systems in the UK

    Personalised water bottles are an excellent addition to any hospitality environment. Nothing says health and well-being like a water cooler stocked with high quality water bottles. Personalised water bottles present your company as a place that prides itself on health, sustainability and care for the environment. In the hospitality industry, the presence of branded products like water bottles helps to solidify your brand identity in the mind of the customer. With just a few personalised water bottles you’ll be able to promote your brand and have a cost- effective solution for providing refreshments. Glass bottles can be washed out and reused for a long period of time when compared to plastic bottles. Our luxurious range of reusable glass bottles are available in a variety of sizes and can be personalised according to your own branding. You’ll be able to supply your branded bottles to both staff and customers on and off site. All our water bottles are hand crafted and comprised of high quality translucent glass. Each glass is machine washable so that they can be kept clean conveniently. We have four main types of bottles for you to choose from: the Swing Top, OSLO, Thai and Eco models. Our bottles start from 330ml all the way up to 750ml with a variety of colored lids. At present, we offer clients the capacity to choose between gold, silver, blue or black lids with their bottles.

    Customer Convenience

    Refreshments are a vital part of the hospitality industry and a well-stocked water cooler system accompanied with branded water bottles will ensure that your guests stay adequately hydrated. In hotels, spas and restaurants, providing your guests with convenient refreshments will improve their experience. Clean, cool drinking water with high quality bottles will help to make your customers feel at home. Health and hospitality go hand in hand, so it’s a good idea to ensure that your clients have access to water (and something to store it in) to keep them hydrated throughout their stay. If you want to go the extra mile, it can be great to offer branded water bottles alongside self-service refreshments. By giving your guests ready access to high quality refreshments and bottles, you’ll present your business as a premier organisation that fully accommodates its customers.

    Health and Sustainability

    A company that uses glass bottles presents itself as a company that cares about the environment, and in today’s day and age, customers like to support organisations with ethical attitudes to the environment. Not only are plastic bottles bad for the environment, they are also terribly inconvenient. Plastic bottles are only supposed to be used once due to the fact that they dissolve over time. With regular washing, you can keep a glass bottle for years. Aside from being inconvenient, plastic water bottles are bad for customer health. Many water bottles have harmful chemicals in them like Bisphenol or BPA. In fact, bottles containing BPA have been banned in Japan and carry fertility risks. By ditching the plastic bottles, you make it clear that your organisation values the health of your visitors. Likewise, more health conscientious customers are likely to be reassured by your commitment to customer health.

    Water Bottles are a Simple Way to Invest in Health

    Having branded water bottles is a simple way to invest in the health of your customers. If your services are top notch a strong brand presence at the refreshment area sets the tone that guests are well catered for. By presenting yourself as a company that will go the extra mile to take care of your customers, you will ensure that customers will come back in future. Personalised water bottles will ensure that your guests feel adequately accommodated and will keep them hydrated enough to enjoy your facilities! High quality water bottles make it clear that you care about the health of your customers and that you’re well prepared to take care of their needs.