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  • Popular Water Coolers in Scotland - Bottle vs. Plumbed in Mains-fed

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    Popular Water Coolers in Scotland - Bottle vs. Plumbed in Mains-fed

    Scotland has a range of employers, from global organisations to small businesses and start-ups. All employees should have access to clean drinking water and while many companies assume that tap water will do, many more opt for filtered water instead. From coolers to instant hot water boilers, there are many options for businesses eager to give their staff the best they can opt for. Scotland’s drinking water is clean and safe, just like in other areas of the UK but there is a time when plumbing in mains water can mean installing a tap miles away from the main building. This does not make economic sense and thus, companies look for an alternative. Bottled water is one, dispensed with the use of both cooling equipment and filters for great tasting water. But there are times when the best option may be mains fed water, fed through a filtration and cooling system. Which choice is right for your Scottish business? Opting for water coolers – an unnecessary expense? Even with water in plentiful supply cascading from an open tap, many businesses still invest in drinking water coolers in their premises. In the main there are two options: portable, bottle fed water cooler dispensers or plumbed in water coolers.

    • The plumbed in option

    Designed to work just like the bottle-fed water cooler, this plumbed in option means that there is a single tap and fixed to the wall or floor. Water is dispensed when the tap is turned on, either by touch or by the sensor.

    This option tends to be more popular in, but not exclusive to, busy areas where footfall traffic is high. Leisure or sports centres, large businesses, colleges, schools and so on. There are many different models on the market, as you would expect. However in the main, these water coolers are popular as the filters remove impurities and odours that can be present in tap water. It is also possible to include a cooling element so that the water is chilled; cooled water tends to taste better than tepid or lukewarm water from a tap.

    Wates water then trickles away, although depending on where the fountain is placed may mean that there may need to be a pump attached for the waste water to be flushed away.

    The pros of plumbed in water coolers are many;

    • They are highly functional with the visual appeal of the water cooler increasing in recent years with better design
    • Cooled and filtered water is far more attractive than tap water thus, plumbed in water coolers are always far more popular
    • These plumbed in water coolers can dispense a larger volume of water, than some portable or bottle fed coolers meaning less maintenance is required.
    • Bottled water supply – the pros

    Freestanding coolers are an increasingly common sight in businesses across the country and for apparent reason. The provision of clean drinking water is essential to health. With more people becoming aware of how drinking more water & staying hydrated through the day benefits them, these convenient and portable pieces of equipment are popular.

    • When the numbers of staff or visitors are not so large, many businesses opt for the bottle fed options
    • They are affordable way of providing clean and cooled drinking water for staff and visitors
    • They are portable and so, if you feel the cooler needs moving, it can be easily done so
    • Cups are provided as part of some packages too and these cups are regularly refreshed, along with plenty of bottled water.
    • Smaller versions can also be used as a counter-top piece of equipment, great for conference or meeting rooms where they may need to be moved from one location to another

    Additional factors to consider

    There are very few cons to either system; the plumbed in version is fixed which may mean that for some business this is not what they want, preferring the freedom of being able to relocate their water fountain.

    Even both pieces of equipment are more or less maintenance free; it always pays to look after them so that they give trouble free service. Some people worry about the growth of water-borne bacteria in pipes and taps etc. but again, We regularly maintain our machines, so that is isn't a concern.

    Encourage better hydration

    Hydrated staff are a staff team that is more alert, contributing to productivity and making for a better work environment too. Which will you choose – the bottled fed water cooler or the plumbed in version?

    Angel Springs supply water coolers and hot water boilers to many regions throughout Scotland, we have depots in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Learn more about areas in Scotland.