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  • Recognising Your Body is Telling You it Needs Watering

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    Recognising Your Body is Telling You it Needs Watering

    Your body needs to be constantly watered and looked after just like your plants at home. But while many of us aren’t great at looking after our house plants, we tend to be much better at keeping on top of our own water levels. However, the signs your body will send you should it start to get dehydrated are sometimes attributed to other things unknowingly, so it is still important to know where you stand. Generally there are four signs of dehydration. These are feeling lightheaded, headaches, a general lack of energy and a sense of lethargy, and dark-coloured urine. So if you’ve noticed a combination of these, and maybe keep having hunger pangs urging you to pick up a snack, it could well be your body telling you need to drink more, not gobble up a snack. How much should you drink to avoid such symptoms, then? Well, the European Food Safety Authority says most women should drink about 1.6 litres and men around 2.0 litres of fluid per day. This means that whilst the age-old adage of drinking eight glasses of water is in some instances ok, it would have to be 200ml glasses in order to be correct for a woman, and 10 glasses for a man. There are other factors to consider as well however, such as other health considerations, weight and height, so this is more a guideline than a definite. Even the temperature can have an effect on the levels of water you should consume, not to mention that if you are more of an active person, you should also factor that into your daily water consumption too.