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  • Remember To Top Up Your Water

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    Remember To Top Up Your Water

    Whilst that certain date in November is forever drilled into adults and youngsters minds alike, thanks to the songs, fireworks and bonfires, there is something a lot more important for people to remember as we slip further into the winter months – drinking enough water. We might remember to wrap up warm as we stand watching the kids with their sparklers, hotdog and coffee in hand, but the colder weather doesn’t mean we can forget about getting enough water each day, oh no. In fact, as the nights grow gradually darker and the mornings ever colder, drinking plenty of water is just one of the ways in which you can help your body fight against the increased number of bugs, germs and colds floating around. After all water is great for keeping your immune system running ticking over efficiently, if you keep yourself well hydrated. It can also keep your detoxification systems running. Whilst people might frown over the prospect of cold water in winter, this can easily be solved by opting for warm water, graced with a bit of lemon or honey. A perfect trio of ingredients to tackle sore throats. Herbal teas are a great alternative to hot tea or coffee if you are looking to replace your regular morning brew. Winter months can also lead to dry skin, thankfully however water is also able to help add a level of moisture back to your skin. Water has plenty of benefits, even in the winter months. So if you want to have the wellbeing, energy and skin on a par with the brightest of firework shows, rather than simply being a bit of a damp squib this winter, then make sure you consume plenty of water.