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  • Why Rent a Mains-Fed Water cooler? Avoid Cost and Upkeep Concerns

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    Why Rent a Mains-Fed Water cooler? Avoid Cost and Upkeep Concerns

    Many businesses consider buying water coolers, but are put off by the cost and upkeep concerns. They find themselves concerned about maintaining their own water cooler and forking out for a new dispenser. For many businesses, renting is a much more viable option. Renting a water cooler means that we, and not you, are responsible for the maintenance. For renting, you will be hard pressed to find a better option than a Mains-fed water cooler. Mains-fed water coolers are both convenient and economical. Mains-fed systems are much cheaper than bottled water systems, as they are connected to the main water supply and aren’t too power intensive. By renting a mains-fed water cooler, you’ll be able to keep your clients and your workforce hydrated without breaking the bank. In the hospitality industry, it’s vital that you hold health and hydration at the heart of your image. Whether you’re running a gym or a sauna, it’s important to ensure that your clients have adequate hydration. Well-hydrated environments are not only more conducive to productivity and health, but they also give the impression that you cater to your clients. With renting you’ll avoid the initial purchasing cost, and will have access to the hygienic water supply that surpasses most other commercial water solutions. These models are preferable to bottled water coolers as they spread less bacteria, with water purified in order to eliminate bacteria and fungi. This translates to a delicious and refreshing water source. Below we’ve detailed some of the best models available and broken down how you can hydrate your business effectively.

    WL100 - Angel Waterlogic WL100 is ideal for the modern office or local gym looking to keep it simple, with a reliable system and secure circulation of fresh and clean drinking water. This model requires little in the way of maintenance and is available as a freestanding or countertop model. While the model is simple and intuitive, the interior high performance carbon filtration ensures your clients get only the purest water supply. Carbon filtration is a great way to remove organic contamination and residual disinfectants in water supplies. Put simply; the WL100 gives you a mix of purity, freshness and reliability. With regards to performance, you’ll be able to produce ten cold cups, and five hot cups in one sitting. Over the course of an hour, that’s 30 cold cups and 40 hot cups respectively! By renting this model, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of a premium water supply without worrying about the maintenance.

    WL2000 - Angel Waterlogic Building on the fundamentals of the WL100, the WL2000 countertop mains-fed water cooler uses direct chill technology to provide safe, clean and chilled water at the point of dispense within the workplace. For hospitality environments with saunas, cool refreshment can be just the ticket to keep your guests relaxed and pampered. That being said, with the WL2000, small offices would also do well with the compact counter-top model, with the chance to save space. With the WL2000 you’ll be able to produce 50 cold cups per hour or 50 hot cups per hour! This models output rate will ensure that everyone in the area stays hydrated and productive.

    WL4 - Angel Waterlogic As more of an extravagant choice, the WL4 is an innovative countertop water cooler with Firewall UV technology. For those businesses like gyms that enshrine the health of their clients, UV technology is the best way to keep your water clean. UV technology ensures that the water in the WL4 is kept free of microbiological contaminants, giving you a fresh and clean water supply. This model is available freestanding or as part of a countertop setup, making it ideal for minimalist spaces like gym receptions. The WL4 is quite the visual statement and will do well to cultivate an ambience of style.

    Angel Waterlogic WL3 Finally, the WL3 is the go to option for businesses that want a mix of purity and reliability. Like the WL4, the WL3 is built with UV purification technology, and the hydration solution can guarantee a pure drinking space for your clients. Hospitality is all about health, and so is the WL3. Uniquely, the WL3 can dispense chilled, and sparkling water through the same dispenser, as well as have the capacity to provide premium boiling water for hot beverages.

    Rent a Mains-Fed Water Cooler Today If you require a high quality water solution than be sure to consider renting a mains-fed water cooler today. Whether you go for the freestanding or the countertop model, you can be sure that you will provide adequate hydration for your clients and colleagues alike. By renting, rest easy knowing that we will take care of any problems.