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  • Rent Water Coolers in London with Angel Springs

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    Rent Water Coolers in London with Angel Springs

    London, a thriving, heaving metropolis with a mix of cultures and people that is possibly unlike any other city in the world. People enjoy the life that London has to offer, from the bars and restaurants to the museums, the sights and sounds. Millions of people flock to the capital each year – over 16 million people, in fact, from across the globe – people move to London too, enticed by its riches and its vibrancy. There is everything here, or so it seems. People need many things to survive and thrive but an important one is water. Fresh, clean drinking water.

    A water cooler or straight from the tap?

    We are fortunate that in most locations and premises across the city, there is a tap that when turned on will supply treated water, clean enough for human consumption.

    The only problem is this: these taps are not always conveniently located. And so a water cooler is the answer.

    Angel Springs have been helping the nation stay hydrated since 1989, and we can help you too, with our excellent packages and service. Take a look at our ‘5 point plan’:

    1. Assess your needs – not every business or establishment has the same needs and thus, if we don’t work with you to establish what you want, then you may have too much water that could be wasted, or too little water that is our book, is just as bad as not having any at all.
    2. Superb rental terms – the supply of chilled, filtered drinking water is not as expensive as you think. We have packages just perfect for small, medium and large business. But, we also understand that not every business can be put in a category or a pigeon hole, and you may want something specific to you… and we can do this too.
    • FREE trial – yes, you read that right – FREE. We are confident that our service and our water is second to none. Once tasted, you won’t look back but, if you are unsure – it is a budgetary decision, we know – we offer all new London clients interested in renting water cooler seven whole days to try it out. If you do not want, or it doesn’t work for you, we come and take it back. But we find that people fall in love with the sheer convenience and deliciousness of our water and so keep it.
    1. Replenished – we do everything, quite literally so all you need to do is drink the water and stay super-hydrated. We agree on a replenishment schedule with you and providing that our delivery teams can gain access during office hours, we nip in, change the bottles, give you more cups, and away we go. Simple. Or, if you are running low on those hot London summer days, we can call more often.
    2. Maintained – water is great but, it can ‘go off’. Small puddles of residual water in trays, pipes and so on need to be flushed out now and then. As you would expect, as a company with over 25 years of experience, we know everything about water which is why we maintain and service all rented water coolers on an annual basis.

    Giving back

    Running a business for profit is all well and good, but making sure we give something back is important. We have always believed in helping others, as we are aware in the water supply industry that some people do not have access to clean drinking water.

    Here in the UK, we work with the ‘Make-a-Wish’ foundation. Established in 1986, this charity makes wishes come true for children and young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. They have granted over 7,500 wishes, from a terminally ill child visiting Disneyland to others spending the day as a firefighter.

    Become a member of our customer loyalty scheme and not only will you stay healthy and hydrated, but you will be making wishes come true too. So far, we have raised over £88,000, and this will keep on growing.

    We can help you

    We work with businesses and companies across all sectors thus we have an innate understanding of the needs of all our customers. Renting water coolers for staff and patrons could be the best thing you do today!

    So why not give us a call for informal chat and take advantage of the free seven day trial for your London business?

    Call now for up to 3 months FREE - 0333 600 1845.

    Or text TRIAL to 60777.