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  • Rent Water Coolers for Your Staff - Ambient, Chilled and Cold Water

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    Rent Water Coolers for Your Staff - Ambient, Chilled and Cold Water

    Water is essential for good health which is why more and more businesses are investing in leasing or buying a water cooler for the office. When staff are hydrated, they are alert. Maintaining hydration levels means a healthier pool of staff too.

    ‘I don’t like water…’

    How many times have you heard that? To a certain extent, we can understand it with tap water. There is a ‘taste’ to it, made worse when it is tepid. Even when it is ice cold there is a flavour to tap water.

    This taste and smell in some cases is due to the treatment it undergoes to make it safe, so that the water we drink from the tap is bacteria and parasite free. We should be grateful, as there are still 63 million people across the globe drinking, washing and cooking with dirty water.

    However, with a water cooler or dispenser, the bacteria, the germs, the parasites and some of the unwanted minerals are removed from the water. This is done via an active charcoal filtering process, exposure to UV light in some dispenser units and the firewall coating technology that prevents the growth of spores and bacteria.

    Water from a water cooler tastes nothing like water from a tap. No smell, no taste, no residual taste in the mouth so no excuse to ‘not like water’.

    Temperature Differences

    The temperature of water makes a difference to how it ‘tastes’ to some people. But did you know the temperature of the water can make a difference to health too?

    Chilled Water

    Some people – well-known celebrities and athletes, for example – swear by the power of chilled water. The colder, the better they say and here’s why;

    • Chilled water burns calories – apparently, science tells us that because the icy temperature of the water ‘wakes up’ our metabolism, by regularly drinking iced water, you can shed a few extra calories a day – and no treadmill required.
    • Increases alertness – the power of ice water to wake up your system also helps to keep you alert. Serve chilled water from the water chiller after lunch and wave goodbye to the post-lunch-slump.
    • A healthy glow – all this alertness and burning calories helps your rosy glow too by bringing colour to your cheeks and making pores smaller.

    Cold Water

    Icy or chilled water has its place but when it gives you ‘brain freeze’, it is a headache you can do without, no matter if it passes in a few seconds.

    Sometimes, we need to hydrate quickly and knocking back a glass of super-icy water is not so easily done. But you still need cold water.

    Served at a pleasant temperature, our water coolers can provide the welcome glug of cold, but not icy, water that your staff need.

    Helping your people stay alert and healthy, most people enjoy the cold-water option of water coolers and dispensers.

    Ambient Water

    Ambient means ‘relating to the surrounding temperature’. Some people don’t want an icy water hit, preferring instead water to be at a temperature that doesn’t give them a cold-shock headache.

    The ambient option is the perfect option. But this is what it DOES NOT MEAN: it is not tepid water. It simply means that it is the same temperature as the air or surroundings, making it ideal for those who take their water this way and for filling a kettle as well.

    Which leads nicely on to hot water…

    Hot Water

    Most offices have some kind of kettle, water boiler or a combination thereof in the office. Working hard, the domestic kettle can be filled and boiled several times a day – more so if you have meetings or visitors to provide refreshments for too.

    In a busy office, this can mean the life of the kettle is short. Water boilers are an ideal solution or you could invest – lease or buy – a water dispenser that offers a variety of water temperature choices.

    Staff can choose ambient, cold or chilled water and when they need a brew, hot water too. It is at the right temperature for a perfect brew too – NEVER make tea or coffee with boiling water, you will scorch the delegate leaves and grounds.

    Just as cold or chilled water provides your staff with all kinds of benefits so too does hot water. Warm or hot water is ideal for digestion – a mint tea after lunch helps stave of indigestion and heartburn – and for those that enjoy a detox occasionally, hot drinks are ideal.

    The quality of our water dispensers is second-to-none, backed by excellent customer service that ensures your office is never without safe, filtered drinking water.