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  • The Revolution in Hot and Cold Water Dispensers – The ‘Cerise Hydration Pack’ Dispenser from Waterlogic

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    The Revolution in Hot and Cold Water Dispensers – The ‘Cerise Hydration Pack’ Dispenser from Waterlogic

    We have long had a reputation for environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services. We were operating this way long before it was fashionable to do so and long before companies had to take note of how they were impacting on the environment. In some ways, sustainability, managed resources, green and eco-friendly are all buzzwords and catchphrases. It can be difficult to know if there is any meaning or action behind them. We always have and always will act on our promises to safeguard the environment. We will always strive to deliver bottled water to customers in a way that is economically and environmentally advantageous. We won’t source our water from locations that are ‘unmanaged’ nor sustainable. But more importantly, we will always look forward, striving to find new, innovative ways to get great tasting water to our customers. And we have a new product to launch and we think you will love. In fact, we know you will! The Cerise Hydration Pack Dispenser is here, and it will revolutionise the hot and cold water dispenser in the workplace.

    The Cerise Hydration Pack Dispenser explained

    It may sound a little space age and that is because, in some ways, it is. And yet, the concept behind it is so surprisingly simple, that it may lead you to wonder why no one has ever thought of it before…

    We listen to feedback from our customers because this is what improves us, our service and our products. And we want to continue to strengthen not only our commitment to the environment but also to you, without compromising on great quality drinking water and dispensers.

    For many of our customers, plumbed-in water dispensers are not a possibility. This could be, for example, because of the water system within the building including a holding tank or it may be for budgetary reasons. You may not own the premises, and don’t want to spend your cash adding something you can’t take with you if you move. And you may not need the capacity that a mains-fed dispenser offers, preferring instead the convenience of a bottle-fed hot and cold water dispenser.

    The bottle-fed water dispenser is, of course, a fantastic alternative because it ticks all the boxes. A bottle-fed dispenser can be placed just about anywhere, provided they are within range of an electrical socket. They can be moved, they are easy to keep clean and with our quarterly sanitising service, your hot and cold water dispenser is simply perfect.

    But there are a few issues;

    • Unwieldy bottles – the bottles for bottle-fed water coolers could be unwieldy in some ways, especially when they are full. They are large, you need a fair amount of strength and their ‘roundness’ can make lifting them difficult.
    • Storing empty and full bottles – you need a little bit of space to store full bottles and empty bottles in between deliveries. Full bottles need to be stored away from sunlight too as light and heat can cause bacteria to multiply, resulting in a few issues for staff. Storage in a dark cupboard can be difficult space to find.
    • Pushing environmental boundaries – even though empty bottles undergo a sanitising and refilling process many times before they are recycled and made into yet another new water bottle, we wanted to push the boundaries of environmental responsibility as do our customers. And this is why the Cerise Hydration Pack Dispenser is ideal.

    No Gimmicks, Just Great Tasting Water…

    … and without placing extra strain on the environment.

    • The hydration packs are easier to handle and lighter to lift at around 11kg
    • They are an easier shape to handle too
    • The pack itself is fully recyclable and biodegradable, so no plastic floating about the oceans
    • And that means NO storing of empty bottles, and storing of full hydration packs is easier too
    • Brand New, Innovative Approach

      Complete with LED night light, the Cerise is a cold and hot water dispenser that is stylish, ready and available now for your office.

      Take a look at the capacity and technical specifications of the machine. If you know it will suit your workplace, your budget and, add extra weight and support your environmental activities, why not be one of the first customers to enjoy the revolution in hot and cold water dispensers with the Cerise Hydration Pack Dispenser?

      Call our team today to find out more and to place your order.