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  • Saunas and Health

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    Saunas and Health

    If you are looking at fresh ways to improve your health this spring and have already been topping up at the office bottled water cooler, exercising more and eating healthier foods, then saunas may be an interesting addition to your health regime. Saunas use the power of hydrotherapy that is water combined with heat to help the body to detox naturally. They have been in use across the world for hundreds of years, and each culture has a slightly different way of approaching saunas for a traditional detoxification. The most well-known type of sauna in the UK has to be the Swedish sauna, models of which are featured in a range of gyms, leisure centres, private spas, health clubs and hotels. They can offer excellent health benefits. Some have claimed that they can result in increased immunity, deep cleansing and detoxification. Swedish saunas also provide rest and relaxation. Most people are advised not to overdo their time in the sauna when they first experience one. And it's important to have the cold shower afterwards to benefit from the increase in circulation, cool down and close open pores in the skin. It's also essential to stay hydrated in the sauna. Therefore many users will fill up from bottled water coolers before they enter the sauna. Rather than gulping down water, sip it at intervals before taking your sauna and take a bottle of water into the sauna if necessary. Avoid drinking water that is too cold, as it can be too much of a contrast against the heat. After your sauna, continue your hydrotherapy experience by showering or perhaps using a steam room, foot bath or other hydrotherapy service to benefit your body and mind. Try drinking herbal teas for the rest of the day to add to the health benefits and avoid introducing toxins to your system!