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  • Save Money By Saving Water

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    Save Money By Saving Water

    Whilst many people may swear to lose weight, exercise more, lay off the chocolate, or cut down on the booze with the turn of a new year, why not aim for something a little different and try to save water as well? Saving water in your home could be one way to keep money in the bank, you then might have the necessary funds to invest in going to the gym or buying exercise apparel – so it’s a win-win situation! 30% of an average home’s water usage is taken up just by flushing the toilet! This is significantly higher than the 21% used when bathing and using taps, which again is a lot higher compared to 12% of water usage from taking showers. Digging deeper into the statistics, clothes washing weighs up to be around 13% of a UK household’s water usage, with general washing eight per cent of a home’s water usage. Interestingly, only around four per cent of water usage is actually for drinking purposes! So with these figures in mind, how can you help yourself save money by saving water? The most obvious switch to make is from baths to showers, if you haven’t already made the change the stats alone show a huge difference in the percentage of water usage between the two. Another habit to get out of if you’re one of the guilty individuals, is to stop running the tap as you brush your teeth! A running tap can use more than six litres in a minute, so if you stick by the two-minutes-to-brush-your-teeth rule, that’s a possible 12 litres of water you waste twice a day – if all your family have the same habit, that’s a lot of water to waste each week. About to turn on the half empty dishwasher? Stop. If you use a dishwasher, or any other washing machine for that matter, try and only use it when it is full. This will save you money, energy and water to boot! With toilet flushes accounting for an epic 30% of water, it may be worth limiting flushes. Similarly avoid flushing the odd tissue paper or something you can easily throw in the bin instead. A little change of habits here and there can make a big difference, so make the commitment to save water today!