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  • Save Money with Water

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    Save Money with Water

    Most businesses aim to save money by building greater efficiencies into their operations. This often means reviewing corporate overheads and exploring ways to reduce the cost of facilities, but savings can be made at every level. The supply of drinking water to staff is one area that ought to come under scrutiny. All firms should look at how they can minimise costs while maintaining the well-being of staff through the provision of fresh, chilled water. A good way of doing this is to invest in a water cooler for the office. As they cost several pounds each, branded, bottled mineral water is an expensive option for any business. A mains water cooler, on the other hand, can be far less costly over the long term, and it is capable of filtering and chilling water so that it tastes as pure and fresh as possible. A good water cooler supplier will be able to provide bottled water from local sources for relatively little cost too. Sourcing fresh or filtered water from local suppliers can help to reduce a company's carbon footprint because delivery miles are kept to a minimum. Hot water dispensers should also be considered carefully, not least because they might discourage members of staff from visiting the nearest coffee shop every time they need a caffeine fix. Time and money can be spared by avoiding these frequent or long-distance refreshment runs. An eco boiler, for instance, can boil 156 cups of hot water every hour – way quicker and more efficiently than a kettle, without using excess energy. Most companies provide tea and coffee for use with hot water dispensers, but herbal tea can also be supplied to encourage a healthier office. Installing water dispensers and coolers in the office can save money for both employers and employees. Crucially, such systems can encourage workers to drink the optimum daily quantity of water (1.5 litres), which should help to improve their focus, concentration and energy. In short, taking a fresh look at the way water is supplied to staff should have a beneficial effect on costs, productivity, the environment and staff morale.

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