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  • 'Selling' Water to Everyone

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    'Selling' Water to Everyone

    Nothing is more important to human health than water. Many employers now appreciate the value of installing high-quality water provision units on their premises. Popular options include the staffroom water cooler and bottled water dispenser. The problem is that, unlike expensive branded drinks, which are often packed with sugar and additives, natural, unsweetened water lacks the level of marketing required to promote its numerous health benefits. So, if you aim to get staff drinking more water, it's worth remembering how the benefits work for everyone. Budget-conscious staff should be reminded that takeaway coffees and branded sports drinks are expensive. Workers should be encouraged to use the local water cooler in the kitchen to save money and stay healthy. Remember that you can even make your own isotonic sports drinks for a fraction of their commercial cost by combining water, a little fresh fruit juice and a pinch of salt and sugar. Easy and inexpensive! Image-conscious staff should be drawn to the fact that water is one of the best detoxification substances in existence. People who have unbelievably clear skin are often water devotees. It helps the body's elimination channels work effectively; after all, the skin is the body's largest living organ and water naturally cleanses, hydrates and moisturises it. Staff should drink up to eight glasses a day, but obviously not all at once. Drinking gallons of water in one go could make you feel bloated and seriously ill and it will almost certainly cause you to dash to the toilet every few minutes! Health-conscious staff might prefer to view water as being at the heart of the body's every function. Regular consumption of clean, fresh water will help to ensure that you operate at your best because water helps both the body and mind! During summer, this is especially important as hotter weather can lead to dehydration faster: providing a cool, fresh water cooler will help keep staff at their best.

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