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  • The Under Sink Water Filters – Hospitality at its Best!

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    The Under Sink Water Filters – Hospitality at its Best!

    Image is everything. First impressions can make or break a deal, or whether someone decides to eat in your café or restaurant.

    The split-second impression a customer forms when entering your workspace tells them everything they need to know.

    You may be wondering, however, what this has to do with a water filtration and cooling system that you cannot see.

    The fact that it is hidden means that there are less clutter, less mess and just less on-show all round. It allows you to create a refreshment area that is sleek and minimal – and tidy.

    It is a hygienic way to dispense water from one person to hundreds. In the hospitality industry, as well as other sectors, showing prospective clients, trade partners and customers that you are a professional company, one that can be relied upon and trusted, two factors that don’t just come from figures on paper – it also comes down to how you operate. ‘Looking the part’ can have an amazing impact on the good impression that people will form of you.

    But there are other advantages of under sink water filters, also known as under sink hospitality systems.

    #1- Litre per hour capacity

    When there is heavy demand for drinking water, running out is not an option. Neither is waiting for the tank to re-fill. In many sectors such as the hospitality trade, there are pinch points in the day – the breakfast hour where all your guests seem to appear at once, or break time, lunch and so on.

    Under sink hospitality systems work on a tank system and thus, you can opt for the size that will best suit your needs. We have units with 30 litres and 45 litres per hour capacity. Effectively this means no waiting around to grab a glass of water.

    #2 - Fully customisable

    No two customers have the same requirements when it comes to under sink filtering units which are why looking for a fully customisable package is simply essential…

    • Units come with standard taps but to give your unit the edge, opt for custom taps
    • Many of our units can also be adapted to come with electronic control, making the operation and care of the unit much easier
    • Still or sparkling water? The choice is yours, but a glass of filtered, chilled and sparkling water is perfect at any time of day

    #3 - Safe and hygienically clean

    Water is the giver of life; we need it to stay alert and productive throughout the day.

    But it can also be dangerous and in the case of water dispensers, it is the accumulation of bacteria in the inner workings of the system that can, if ingested over a period of time, can make us ill.

    Which is why being able to clean and sanitise the under sink water filtering unit is important. Knowing that bacteria can be a problem, our units come with Cu=SAFEPATH Biofilm Prevention, the addition of which prevents bacteria being able to ‘stick’ and multiply within piping, taps and so on.

    We always advise as a minimum that water coolers, under sink units, instant hot water boilers, etc. are sanitised every three months.

    #4 - Save counter top space

    Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of under sink units for the hospitality industry is the fact that they do not consumer counter top space, space that is often in short supply.

    Everything is tucked neatly away where people can’t see it. It also means that the equipment cannot be tampered with or damaged. From a health and safety point of view, it is probably better to have the unit hidden away, with tubing and piping not presenting a hazard and so on.

    It also looks better. All your café and restaurant customers or hotel guests will see is the customised taps you have chosen. They pour the amount of water they want- cold, ambient or sparkling – and that is it. No queuing, no waiting, no sighing in frustration…

    #5 – A great solution

    Your customers will notice the difference between the water from the unit and from tap water that you are hastily trying to cool with ice cubes added. Water should be tasteless.

    But with the treatment that water undergoes to be safe to drink, there is a residue and taste left – it is unavoidable. An under sink unit will filter the water before it's served so that any taste residue is removed, dispensing far better-tasting water.

    Cost-effective looks great, easy to maintain… the list of benefits could go on and on. But we think you need to find out for yourselves, so why not call us to find out more about our affordable under sink water filter packages?

    More information - See our water filters and undersink water purification page.