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  • A Soup-Er Way To Keep Hydrated This Winter

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    A Soup-Er Way To Keep Hydrated This Winter

    Winter, a time for scarves, woolly hats and thick coats. But also a time when keeping yourself well hydrated is essential. “Does that mean I have to drink cold water on these chilly winter days?” I hear you ask. Well, yes and no. Of course, nothing quite beats swigging plenty of glasses of pure H 2O, but there are other ways to improve your levels of hydration in the winter months. One such way is soup. Soup is a great way to combat the, “oh I don’t want to drink water by itself,” complaints you might have in the winter months. One example of a soup you can make yourself is a winter green soup. All it takes is some spinach, kale, chard, potatoes, onions and carrots – portions will vary on how much you wish to cook –to tick the vegetable box, or alternatively just create a simple vegetable soup with whatever is left in your fridge. A bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and some vegetable stock, maybe a bit of garlic if you wish and you have the ingredients for a hydrating winter warmer. Cooking it is as simple as getting the onions potatoes and carrots cooked nice and soft in some stock, before adding your greens and the rest of the stock. You may wish to blend the soup if you want something smooth, but that’s up to you. Alternatively if vegetables aren’t your thing as a winter lunch treat, try chicken noodle soup, which is another great hydrating food. In fact, most soups are great for hydration as long as you avoid the cream-based soups When it comes to hot drinks and foods, one thing to try and avoid, or at least try to consume less of during the winter months, is caffeine-based hot drinks. Now I know that might mean sacrificing the occasional skinny latte or cup of tea, but your body will certainly thank you for it – stick to your soups and herbal drinks, or even warm water mixed with lemon and honey.